casanova undone

That Theatre Company presents Casanova Undone by Dic Edwards

25th Feb - 28 March 2009

Directed by Barry McKenna
Cast: Laura Bach, Linda Elvira and Ian Burns

A review (and response) of the production is available here. An interview with Dic Edwards by The Copenhagen Post newspaper is available here

casanova undoneCasanova Undone "Is one of those delightful plays where you're sitting there and laughing uproariously at the wit of the language and then you suddenly understand that the themes themselves are very witty, very well thought out and very provocative. Because Edwards is looking very, very seriously at what constitutes revolution; he's looking very seriously at this whole mirage of reputation: what's an experience, what's an illusion. There's a lot of very meaty thought which is presented here to us as almost a bon bon. I think it's a play with tremendous resonance and great fun." Kaleidoscope, Radio 4

"This witty and compelling philosophical farce spotlights the degenerate rake, his potency on the wane in Paris during the Reign of The Terror. His erection, like the old order is flagging.. The Observer

"Dic Edwards might be embarrassed to have his work bracketed with Wedekind but he is a highly accomplished demolisher of myths with an ear for accomplished dialogue and a mind for the aphorism: "Just because we have to lower our standards doesn't mean we have to live by them" Stimulating and provocative. Plays and Players

"Casanova Undone is a beguiling play by Dic Edwards which alternates off-the-cuff philosophy with delicious dirty bits. The whole is a critique of sexuality and power which ultimately rejects the model of sex as a battle-ground where the combatants fight for the ultimate sensation as enjoyable as an ideologically sound Restoration Comedy." Scotland on Sunday

"Dic Edwards opens his sensational play with Casanova on his last legs.The writing is sanguine and sophisticated.intellectually zestful" Time Out

"Much of Dic Edwards' play is a commedia dell-arte-type farce in which the servant leads the master through a series of misadventures. But behind the farce lies a satire of vanity and an analysis of deception" What's On

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