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Gary Owen


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An Enemy for the People First presented in 2006
by Ruth is Stranger Than Richard†

Loosely based on the Ibsen play of almost the same name, this is Gary Owen using the theatre to work out a long-held personal grudge, again.

He says - 'In 1997 I hugged complete strangers on Borth beach when we won the referendum, and anything seemed possible in that brave new dawn. Skip ahead to 2003, and those fools down the Bay are arguing about where to sit. I have not forgotten: and now I will be revenged.'

A savagely satirical and terrifyingly funny new play, An Enemy for The People is set in the halls of power of a small semi-independent nation on the edge of Europe.  Terry discovers that the dangerous ineptitude of the government is ruining the lives of the people it supposedly leads. And so he sets out to make sure that the people learn the truth about their government. The trouble is, Terry is the First Minister.

Unflinching in its depiction of party politics and what it takes to be a leader in 21st century Britain, An Enemy for the People is a play that sets out to examine the heart of a Nationís self-doubt.

Hartleby, Oooglemore and Jeramee First presented in 2005
by Professional Company outside Wales

It's a twenty minute play for under fives.  

Synopsis: Jeramee plays a trick on Oooglemore and Hartleby.  Which backfires.

Ghost City First presented in 2004
by Sgript Cymru

Award-winning Gary Owen's first play 'Crazy Gary's Mobile Disco' left audiences wide-eyed and energised. Now, that 'crazy' is bottled and served up in Ghost City - a dark, empowering and sexy live performance underscored by free jazz and electronica. Get ready to see Cardiff, stripped of its graffiti and hubbub, leaving what's important behind - its people.

The Green First presented in 2003
by Professional Company outside Wales

A cheery piece about globalisation and the exploitation of the developing world by the West.

Performed by Year 5 Primrose Hill School as part of the Assembly Festival 2003  

Cold Harbour First presented in 2003
by Professional Company outside Wales

Presented by Paines Plough as part of their Wild Lunch season at the Old Vic, London, on June 6 2003

The Low Hundreds First presented in 2003
by Non- professional or Amateur production

The Low Hundreds is the first part of a new play which will ultimately be about a bloke who's feeling a bit under the weather, a woman who's struggling to sustain her customer base, and a scientist who can't quite believe her results.  The piece as a whole is inspired by Stanley Milgram's book Obedience to Authority and the experiments it describes (see for example ).

The Low Hundreds will also be Gary's first attempt at directing his own work.  And possibly his last.

Gary's plays so far are Crazy Gary's Mobile Disco, which won the inaugural Theatre in Wales new writing award; The Shadow of a Boy, which won half of the 2002 George Devine Award; The Drowned World, which won half the 2002 Pearson Best Play Award and an entire Fringe First; and (in Welsh) Amser Canser, which won friends.  

Amser Canser First presented in 2003
by Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama

The Welsh Language play for 2003 has been commissioned from Gary Owen, whose recent work in English, The Shadow of a Boy, opened in London at the National Theatre in June 2002. Gary Owen was the joint winner of the 2002 George Devine Award. He has already received international acclaim for his play Crazy Gary's Mobile Disco which will premier in translation in Germany in February 2003. Amser Canser, his first play in Welsh, has been commissioned by RWCMD in collaboration with Sgript Cymru.

Theatr Elli, Llanelli. Dydd Llun 17 Chwefror @ 7.30
Theatr Y Werin, Aberystwyth. Dydd Mercher 19 Chwefror@ 7.30
Theatr Colwyn, Bae Colwyn. Dydd Gwener 21 Chwefror @ 7.30

Here Comes Everybody First presented in 2003
by Sgript Cymru

still being written

The Drowned World First presented in 2002
by Professional Company outside Wales

Presented by Paines Plough in association with Graeae Theatre

A vicious tale of love, revolt and beauty

In a land where the ethnic cleansing of the beautiful is almost at an end, where physical perfection is destroying the nation’s moral will and society’s sense of well-being is decaying through ‘radiance’ poisoning, Tara and Julian are waiting for the order to come - these people must die.

On the run from the squad, Darren shelters the couple, believing Tara is the angel sent to save him. As Kelly, the enforcer of the order draws closer, she entices him to denounce the runaways they both loathe but secretly covet, forcing Darren to resort to violent measures to ensure his saviour is safe.
Gary Owen creates a nihilistic new world where the imperfect, once spurned have taken control, where suburbia is sick and attraction is ultimately fatal.

THE DROWNED WORLD is directed by Vicky Featherstone, designed by Neil Warmington, lighting designed by Natasha Chivers and sound by Nick Powell.  The full cast is Josephine Butler (Lawless Heart), Theo Fraser Steele (Before You Go), Neil McKinlen and Eileen Walsh

Artistic Director of Paines Plough, Vicky Featherstone is one of the most inspired and inspiring directors of her generation and a passionate producer of new work.  

The Shadow of a Boy First presented in 2002
by Royal National Theatre

The scheduled destruction of Earth alarms 11 year old Luke almost as much as starting at the comp. A moving and original study of a boy and his friend from outer space, from the author of Crazy Gary's Mobile Disco.

Luke lives with his Nanna following the death of his parents. Katie wants to initiate him into life at the comprehensive. The Shadow is a character from his comic book. This coming-of-age tale examines modes of parenting and the impact of truth and lies on children's behaviour.

The Shadow of a Boy is Gary Owen's second stage play. His first, Crazy Gary's Mobile Disco, toured the UK in Spring 2001

After Life First presented in 2002
by Slush Theatre
Fags First presented in 2002
by Slush Theatre

Fags is a short play about a long goodbye.

Fags is a one-act two-hander by Gary Owen.  Gary wrote it while Writer in Residence at Paines Plough, back in 2001.  An early draft got a rehearsed reading at the Bridewell Theatre on Fleet Street, as part of Paines Plough’s Wild Lunch 5 season, again back in 2001.  

Crazy Gary's Mobile Disco First presented in 2001
by Sgript Cymru

Saturday night, small town Wales, only one pub, one party and three lads stuck with their school reputations ? the gimp, the geek and the bully. Their dream ? to get the hell out.

With a dead cat stuffed through a letterbox, a soupcon of mindless violence and a perfect woman to die for, Crazy Gary?s Mobile Disco is bursting at the seams with the desperately ordinary, the truly extraordinary, and the just plain mad.

Hysterical, tragic and right up your street, in 90 minutes of fast action, only one of our lads will score. Director Vicky Featherstone?s reputation for excellence coupled with Bridgend Born Gary Owen?s dazzling gift for storytelling promises to be another unmissable hit for this first ever co-production between Paines Plough and Sgript Cymru, the national new writing company of Wales.

Commissioned by Paines Plough. Co-produced by Sgript Cymru and Paines Plough. Directed by Vicky Featherstone.

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