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Geinor Jones (adaptation)


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Brodyr y Garreg Ddu / Brothers and Black Diamonds First presented in 2000
by Theatr na n'Og

A touch of comedy, a dash of romance and a splash of pathos - that was the recipe of life for those living in the South Wales coalfield.

Being an inevitable part of the lives of those living in this area, the coal industry greatly affected the community and its people. Despite the tragedy and loss, the grief and disaster, the mining community was close-knit and brave.

Through reliving the life of the South Wales coal field and experiencing this re-inaction of the coal mining community, the children will benefit greatly, enabling them to understand the experiences of their parents, relatives and ancestors alike.

Jac Tar First presented in 1999
by Theatr na n'Og
Straeon Groeg / Greek Myths First presented in 1996
by Theatr na n'Og

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