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Kevin Lewis


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Mole in a Hole First presented in 2001
by Theatr Iolo

Mole in a Hole is a companion piece to the highly acclaimed Days with Frog and Toad and Telling Tales presented by Theatr Iolo in 1998 and 1999. Mole's best friend has not turned up for his Birthday. Mole is left alone at home in the rain. He is jealous. A terrible sadness comes over him; he is bored, miserable and fed-up. However, as the day progresses Mole discovers, with the help of his old friend Ant, that by using his imagination he can gain access to a wonderful world right under his nose. Mole in a Hole is about friendship, about the riches of the natural world and about the power of the imagination.

Marcos First presented in 2000
by Theatr Iolo

Following the mythical, yet true, story of a boy who grows up in the wild, but is later found and brought to the city to be 'tamed', Marcos challenges the younger audience to examine and question man's relationship to animals. As the tale unfolds, and Marcos relates his experiences, with the props around him transforming into animals, themes such as growing up, making sense of the world, and bullying are also explored.
Environmental issues and man's relationship to the natural world are a hot topic of debate and concern in today's ever-increasing technological society. Theatr Iolo's production of Marcos explores these themes, and presents them in a magical, enchanting and digestible way to young people aged 7-11.
Each performance is accompanied by a teacher's work pack with suggestions for follow up work across the curriculum. Performances last 45 minutes, and will be followed by a short discussion.

Bag Dancing First presented in 1993
by Theatr Iolo

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