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Mike Kenny


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Whose Shoes? First presented in 2006
by Theatr Iolo

Theatr Iolo presents a production of the delightful children's play, "Whose Shoes" by the acclaimed children's playwright Mike Kenny. Eldamina loves to dance. She loves to dance so much that Cinderella even gave her the famous glass slippers to dance in. Eldamina dances for anyone who will watch. But one day her enjoyment is shattered when there is a new arrival - a baby sister. And she discovers that the baby sister will one day inherit the beloved glass slippers. In a rage, Eldamina throws her shoes to the bottom of a lake."If I can't have them, then nobody can!" Find out what Eldamina does next, the journey she takes and how far she will go to get her shoes back. An uplifting tale of jealousy, tantrums, dancing, music and sisterly love.

Caitlin First presented in 2003
by Sherman Theatre Company

She was Dylan Thomas's wife and her story is of a supporting character in his drama, a minor character in his legend. Will she eer be known as anything other than Dylan Thokas's wife?

Performed by Helen Gwyn

Ho! Ho! Ho! First presented in 2002
by Sherman Theatre Company

Set on Christmas Eve, Ho! Ho! Ho! is written by the award-winning writer Mike Kenny, who was responsible for last year’s Christmas hit, Roald Dahl’s The Enormous Crocodile.  Directed by the Sherman’s Associate Director Stephen Fisher this show promises to be a magical adventure for the under 7’s and their families.

The reindeers have been fed, the elves have been put to bed and all the presents have been wrapped, but Mother Christmas can’t find one very important thing… Father Christmas!  If he isn’t found soon, there won’t be enough time to finish the present run in time for Christmas morning.  Packed with songs, laughs and a few surprises, this show is set to be another success for the Sherman.

Aesop's Fables First presented in 2002
by Sherman Theatre Company

A magical adventure for the very young
In this spellbinding production, storytellers use song,dance and drama
To bring these famous fables to life.
A new production for 3 - 6 year olds

The Enormous Crocodile First presented in 2001
by Sherman Theatre Company

Directed by Steve Fisher

Cast Chris Durnall,Andrew Lennon,Enir Sior,

Designer Andrew Bradshaw.

Sherman,Community tour,also Theatre Royal Bath,Theatre Clwyd,Swansea Grand

Y Ddraig Hud First presented in 2001
by Gwent Young People’s Theatre (formerly Gwent Theatre)

Based on the classic song ‘Puff the Magic Dragon’ Mike Kenny’s engaging and original play about a little boy and a dragon has been translated into Welsh by Sion Eirian and is suitable for 5 - 9 year olds.

In this enchanting play, by the author of ‘The Elves and the Shoemakers’, a little boy is separated from his mother and sent to stay with his Auntie in her little house by the sea, and the story explores the nature of friendship and how, through imaginative play, the little boy makes sense of the world in which he finds himself

Puff the Magic Dragon First presented in 2000
by Sherman Theatre Company
Pocahontas First presented in 1996
by Sherman Theatre Company
Rumplestiltskin First presented in 1994
by Theatr Powys

A play for children by Mike Kenny.Here's a story that's old.Of how a girl turned straw to gold,of what it cost,what she nearly lost.Watch and see this wonderful tale unfold.

A Long Time Ago First presented in 1992
by Sherman Theatre Company
Fern Hill First presented in 1992
by Sherman Theatre Company

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