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Othniel Smith


We have information on 3 plays by Othniel Smith . Click on the play name to access any reviews in out archive. Click on the company's name to read their details on this web site


Burned First presented in 2005
by Welsh Fargo Stage Company

A world of politics implodes in a Valleys kitchen,
where a woman is mourning her mother. She has other
worries, however. Has her Labour councillor friend
turned to the dark side? Will her baby brother get
back from Palestine in time for the wake? And what sad
secrets has her mother's nurse brought with her from

The playscript is available for dowloading at

D.M.S.R. First presented in 2002
by Sherman Theatre Company

Lauren and Amanda share a flat, a sense of humour, an acerbic wit and thats not all...D.M.S.R. is a journey through their intertwined lives.... as well as a few Prince albums...

Giant Steps First presented in 1998
by Made in Wales

Production diary, including reviews at:

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