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Aesop's Fables by Mike Kenny
First presented in 2002 by Sherman Theatre Company

A magical adventure for the very young
In this spellbinding production, storytellers use song,dance and drama
To bring these famous fables to life.
A new production for 3 - 6 year olds

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It's all Greek to me
Aesop's Fables by Mike Kenny
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The Wolsey Theatre
THERE is nothing quite like the sense of wonder on a small child's face when they see the fantastic in front of their own eyes.

You can't usually keep four-year-old Jake quiet for a minute at a time.

He is too busy competing for attention with an elder brother and a new baby brother.

But from the arrival of the Mouse and the first Lion's road in this show he was stunned into silence.

He was completely enthralled by his first live show and didn't utter a murmur.

The show by the Welsh company, Theatr Na No'G, was packed full of the well-known moral tales, told by the Mouse, Tortoise and Lion, and woven together by plenty of music and comedy.

The three talented actors pitched the show well enough for the four to eight-year-olds, and from the laugher the parent and grandparents were obviously enjoying it too.

Stories like the Tortoise and the Hare (of course) and the Boy who Cried Wolf were there, and also the grateful Lion.

The Camel in the River though must have been from a second book of fables, I didn't know that one.

We all had a thoroughly good time.

For many of these youngsters, I suspect, they will be hooked on live theatre for life.

And there was a surprise for one dad, picked out from the audience to join the actors on stage.

Aris, from Greece, certainly wasn't expecting that when he came to the Wolsey Studio.

Aesop, of course, was Greek so it was something of a coincidence.

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