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An Informers Duty by Gregg Cullen
First presented in 1996 by Theatr Powys
cast size:40
Originally billed as 'The Informer's Duty-The Life of Shostakovich' the play was actually first performed in March 1992 over 10 nights at the Bute Theatre, Cardiff by final year students of the Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama. Directed by Paul Clements with a cast of over 30 actors and a 77 piece symphony orchestra, it was the first time the Schools of Music & Drama had united for a production

review by A.J.Sicluna which appeared in the
Western Mail.

'A hard-hitting experience, riveting from start to finish, adding a completely new dimension and awareness of the reign of terror unleashed by Stalin in the 1930's. It was nothing less than a major achievement.

In Paul Clements' clever and perceptive production, Stalin, who boasts a Geordie accent, is played to perfection by Simeon Truby. The way the orchestra all gather to listen to Shostakovich's famous speech to the
Composer's Union was another clever effect.

Dramatically, it could not have been better prepared and Sean Carlsen as Shostakovich presented a
convincing, superbly rounded character. Lynne Semour is no less successful as Nina Shostakovich. Miss this amazing experience at your peril'.

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