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Box of Secrets by devised by the company
First presented in 2000 by Theatr Iolo
cast size:3
Directed by Kevin Lewis.
Actors: Cari Munn & Zoe Baskerville
Musician: Paul Hughes

Box of Secrets explores the situation of FINN & MOLLY who are lost in the woods in the middle of winter. They encounter a boy asleep in the snow clutching a cardboard box. Who is he? Where does he come from? What secrets are contained within his box? MOLLY makes friends with the boy - coaxing him into revealing his secret. The box is empty but by using his imagination he can conjure up whatever he wants. MOLLY joins in the game and together they enjoy taking things out of the box. FINN is jealous and it is revealed that at some point in the past she was involved in bullying the boy and trying to destroy his box. FINN is genuinely contrite when faced with the consequences of her actions. The boy forgives her and there is a reconciliation.

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