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I Cant Stand Up For Falling Down by Jim Ennis and Jessica Cohen
First presented in 2002 by Earthfall
cast size:4
There’s Terry and Cai who don’t know what they would do without their mothers, Gerlad has these dreams and these bricks, charlotte has strength and a dress with poppies on.  Dave has been moving house all his life.  Jon and roger built the music.  They can’t stand up for falling down.

Six characters go in search of a new life and end up a family of outcasts in the remains of a house.

A dancer, romancer, refugee, soldier, singer, stand-up, stuntman, builder and bomber collide in an urban vision where blood meets sweat, tears and humour.

The award winning Welsh company’s latest work is a fast, furious and fervent performance of extreme dance, film, live music and stand-up.

The House is where it all goes on, but not behind closed doors.

Inspired by a 1950s soul song recorded by (amongst others) Elvis Costello and Elvis Presley, Earthfall’s latest dance theatre performance offers an extreme and fragmentary glimpse of a beautiful, mundane, profound and funny world. A soap opera of individual stories woven seamlessly together through original music, images and exhilarating dance, I Can’t Stand Up for Falling Down features 5 performers, a live music set, a stage design by Mike Brookes and the BAFTA award winning direction of Jim Ennis and Jessica Cohen. Urban, glitzy with a wealth of material that has won them an international reputation,

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