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The Butterfly Hunter by Devised by the Company
First presented in 2010 by Theatr na n'Og
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Following in the footsteps of the great Victorian explorers, Wallace and Darwin, Theatr Na n’Óg return from their recent expedition to the Museo De Vida, in Rio De Janerio, Brazil.   Theatr Na nÓg’s latest venture, The Butterfly Hunter provides an explorative scientific adventure for 3 – 7 year olds in South Wales.  

The Butterfly Hunter, runs at Dylan Thomas Theatre, Swansea from the 8th September to November 26th and will show to up to 4500 school children from across South Wales, making it the largest children’s production in Wales.  Theatr Na n’Óg’s autumn productions are renowned for their high quality performances and expert educational support.  This year as part of the Webplay scheme, they have developed a ground-breaking interactive resource that explores the boundaries of science and theatre, using creativity to stimulate and encourage learning across the curriculum.  

In 1841 Alfred Russell Wallace, born in Llanbadoc, came to survey the vale of Neath ready for the railways.  It was here he claims that his love for plants and insects grew, and on discovering a rare species of beetle he began to ask the question: Why and how are there so many different species? It was many years later that Wallace discovered an answer, which would spur Darwin on to produce his seminal work “On The Origin of Species”.    

Set in Neath, the play takes us to the far corners of the globe, to Brazil and Malaya chronicling the life of this great scientist. The play will investigate issues of sustainability, conservation, and the advent of the great thinkers and explorers of the Victorian era.   2010 is the year of Bio-Diversity and the play has been performed in the past 12 months everywhere from The Museum of life in Rio De Janerio to the National Botanic Gardens and now comes to the Dylan Thomas Theatre in Swansea.  

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