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The Watching by devised by the company
First presented in 1991 by Gwent Young People’s Theatre (formerly Gwent Theatre)
cast size:5
The fascinating  tale of Sarah Jacob the Welsh Fasting Girl  set in 19th century West Wales.

Four nurses from Guys Hospital were sent down to a small Carmarthenshire village to help solve the mystery of a beautiful child dressed like a bride who was attracting nationwide interest with her familys claim that she was able to live without food or drink. No one really knew what to believe. Was Sarah Jacob a miracle child or was she secretly eating and drinking and if so did someone else know of her secret? What would have happened to Sarah Jacob if no one had ever tried to find out?

In retelling this fascinating story, the play explores various theories which raises questions about the role of medicine and science, religion and faith, innocence and guilt and the need for society to apportion blame.

A revived version of The Watching is touring to Secondary Schools from September 28th - November 12th 2004.

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