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Unwaith, unwaith by Sian Summers
First presented in 2003 by Bara Caws
cast size:5
Mae pawb isio bod yn arwr mewn rhyw stori fawr, a dydy’r Pibydd druan ddim gwahanol, mae’n cymeryd dipyn o boen, dipyn o chwerthin a lot o gariad i ddangos iddo mai bod yn arwr yn dy stori fach dy hun ‘di’r peth pwysicaf – a mi fedrwn ni gyd wneud hynny.

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Contemporary family fun
Unwaith, unwaith by Sian Summers
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February 11, 2003
ONCE upon a time, the idea of going to see anything that was billed as "family" entertainment would have filled most right-minded people with dread.

It was a term that used to denote something so devoid of wit and character that it could never offend anyone - "granny-friendly" entertainment in other words.

But in recent years the genre has been revitalised, thanks mainly to the efforts of Disney.

Its films have managed to prove that it's possible to entertain the kids while also keeping the parents happy.

And it's this form of family entertainment that Bara Caws provide in their latest stage production, Unwaith, Unwaith.

It tells the age-old tale of the Pied Piper of Hamlyn but from a contemporary perspective.

Llyr Evans is the piper, trapped inside the story, but hoping to move on to bigger and better things.

Rhys Ifans - appearing on a video screen as a ghostly disembodied head - plays the part of his boss,

the tale's narrator, constantly reminding the piper that storybook characters lead only predetermined lives.

They're joined by a cast of characters who are both familiar and fresh.

The town's conniving mayor has taken on a decidedly Blairite air and has been joined by his capricious daughter, a rat-king bent on destroying humanity, and a love interest for the piper.

Add to this some serious tinkering with the plot, and a contemporary streak of humour, and the result is a very new, and highly enjoyable version of this classic story.

It's hard to find fault with this production.
Western Mail

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