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Wolfskin by Lucy Gough
First presented in 1997 by Lupa Theatre

Short version performed in The Machine Room Ignition Season at the Lion and Unicorn, London.
A comic play set in a bleak urban future where young men in packs hunt beggars.
Performed by Lupa Theatre at Aberystwyth Arts Centre as part of the Restless Gravity Festival.

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Wolfskin by Lucy Gough
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Aberystwyth Arts Centre
It was said of Eleanor Rigby that Paul Macartney had written a novel in three minutes. If you ever wondered what this meant then Lucy Gough's fifteen minute Wolfskin at Aberystwyth Arts Centre in the Restless Gravity Festival, would have enlightened you.

A young man, Boy, bound to hunting with the wolf pack is having his body tattooed with a fur effect by a young pregnant woman, Girl, because she has taken his wolfskin to the launderette: "I couldn't stand the smell. All that piss and those fleas" and it's shrunk so much that he can't wear it! She is hurrying as time is running out and sometimes the needle hurts. It's a metaphor. The fifteen minute moment is very touching: it's about touching - she touches him with her needle to save him; he touches her belly wishing he could help. We have a poetic compacting of their lives. Is he a sheep in wolf's clothing? Isn't that a moving observation that strikes at the heart of male expectation of young men in a world of crazy, often inverted standards while the young women try to hang onto reality and, anyway, are bound to HELP? Is success measured by the efficiency and effectiveness of wearing the wolf's skin?

The acting of Charlotte Lowri and Ben Thompson - two new young actors - was beautifully felt expressing the poignance and humour of the piece well. And the directing by the writer was perfectly paced.

Later I went to see Eddie Ladd's Scarface and after a brilliant, highly original forty five minutes came out into the bar where, it seemed, representatives of almost all the Welsh Theatre Companies were drinking, talking, exchanging ideas and reflections on the day. What a contrast to the recent months of bitterness caused as a result of the Arts Council's inept, visionless manipulations.

In some spooky, deeply philosophical sense, Wolfskin, is about all this with the Arts Council as the marauding Devil come to destroy the Boy if he's not ready to run with him and the Girl a symbol of the fecundity of the Arts in Wales so splendidly on show in this Restless Gravity's Welsh weekend but with a future so uncertain as long as the Devil cometh.
Dic Edwards

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