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Wales at the Edinburgh Festival- Small & Clever Productions , BBC1 Wales & i-Player , September 3, 2019
Television Arts Feature by Wales at the Edinburgh Festival- Small & Clever Productions There is a nice symmetry to the coverage of Wales at the Fringe of 2019. It kicked off with Radio Wales, below 11th August. The Review Show took a liking to the four pieces of theatre that its reviewers had seen.

The review of television at the Fringe a year ago, 28th August, ended. “Small and Clever have done a good job. Those that run broadcasting in Wales should start rewriting the commission for 2019.” The good format has been repeated. BBC Cymru Wales signed off the Fringe with 45 minutes of television broadcast on Bank Holiday Monday.

Kiri Pritchard-McLean, with her black-blonde bifurcated hairstyle, is an excellent presenter, warm and vivacious. The city has been shot in sunny weather and looks at its best. Gethin Alderman is interviewed against a backdrop of trees and the peaks of Salisbury Crags. The focus is on comedy with Tarot, Jordan Brookes, Elis James, Morgan Rees, Eleri Morgan and Essylt Sears. Chris Chopping at his sixth Fringe and third solo show, muses on romance: “Hard to meet someone in your thirties, especially when you look like a cherub made of ham.”

Magic features in the form of Dave Reubens aka Danger Dave with bright red hair. For eleven months of the year he is a website developer with weekends at clubs, weddings and events. Razor blades and staple guns feature. When he is to be seen hammering a nail into his nose a large “DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS YOURSELF” is superimposed on the screen.

Three pieces of theatre feature:

04:00- 08:00: Hannah Daniel on stage in “For All I Care” and in interview in the open space outside the venue.

26:00- 30:00: Jonny Cotsen on stage and in interview on a bench in the Meadows. Kiri Pritchard-McClean picks on “a beautiful moment” when he signs with audience members.

38:00- 41:00: Laura Dalgleish on stage in “How to Be Brave”. The Dirty Protest production is over by five PM and the two end the programme at the Tattoo. “This day is going to stay with me for years and years. It's made me really emotional.” Their vantage point is high up on the metal gallery. The camera takes in sunset views from Pentland Hills to Fife.

The credits include Beth Granville, co-presenter, Phillip Moss producer, assistant producer Jack Browse, commissioning editor Christina Macaulay.

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Reviewed by: Adam Somerset

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