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No Fit State Circus , Lister Park in Bradford , September 5, 2005
We didn’t know what to expect when we arranged to make our first visit to the NoFit State Circus during its recent visit to Lister Park in Bradford for the Yorkshire City’s summer festival.  Would the show be a succession of strange goings on, all grouped together under the name of circus?  Would the performers all be looking for a way of life that didn’t conform?

The answers to both questions was an emphatic ‘No’ and for sheer entertainment value NoFit State Circus is right up there with the best of them.  Yes, its different, but in a world that seems to become more regimented and controlled with every passing week that’s no bad thing.  In fact, Ali Williams and her team are a breath of fresh air in the entertainment world and long may they continue to be so.

Not only are children in awe of what is going on around them but so are the adults, perhaps even more so as they marvel at the intricacies of the acts they are watching.  The whole flow of the show is so well choreographed that it appears spontaneous, whereas in reality it is very well planned.  Even the human counterweights are entertainers in their own right, ascending and descending the support poles with such agility as the aerialists rise and fall in the opposite direction..

We’ve never seen a circus like NoFit State, but there is so much crammed into the show’s couple of hours that the time simply flies by and we wish we’d had the time to make a return visit to see everything we missed.

Reviewed by: Mike Mellor, Worlds Fair

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