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You’ve Got Dragons

Taking Flight Theatre , Chapter , April-13-17
You’ve Got Dragons by Taking Flight Theatre The very lively Taking Flight Theatre now has another delightful string to their bow already threaded with their robust and engaging ‘open air’ Shakespeare productions for young people. Now they’ve come inside they have not lost the special endearing way they have of engaging with their audiences, both young and old. I left the theatre felling like a child again. And that was a very long time ago.

The very tall smiling James William is a very adaptable performer with some moments of broad, appealing comedy but first we meet him in more relaxed mood. As we enter the auditorium we see the four members of this peppy cast relaxing on Stacey-Jo Atkinson’s picture book set with James providing more relaxing and gentle music with his warm guitar playing.

Then we meet the ‘Dragons’; they seem quite friendly at first. Big dragon, Chloe Clarke has a big red tail and has fun with Little Dragon, Hermon Berhane, who seems very cheerful and entertaining to begin with. Benjamina appealingly played by Axelina Heagney, is the little girl who has all the troubles. At first she has trouble with her dad, another character James pulls out of his bag. She won’t go to sleep when he tells her and gets very cross with him. But soon she is very glad of her father’s love and care and they both express this relationship very well.

Now Little Dragon gets very nasty and begins to scare little Benny more and more. She even scared me a little bit. There are some delightful songs that do make her little girl feel better for a while. But the dragons keep coming back. With the gentle help of her father and some of the other people he introduces to us, and more soothing music from James’ guitar and Chloe on drums Benny learns to confront and start to understand her fears. Not completely, but she is much more at ease with her life now. I still have a few dragons myself but as I left this very engaging ensemble they seemed far away.

I wasn’t the only person leaving with a fine drop of very child like joy in my head and a big smile on my face.

Reviewed by: Michael Kelligan

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