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Fragments/ Teilchion

De Oscuro , The Dance House , July-08-17
 Fragments/ Teilchion by De Oscuro The words ‘stunning’ and ‘enchanting’ have been used to describe the previous productions of this remarkable company. They are equally appropriate here, in this latest ‘work-in-progress’ production.
With compelling music, skillful dancing, choreography and narrative, spoken with immense commitment from the performers, we are taken into the sad worlds of teenage girls taken into care and the stories of how they have come to be there.

“De Oscuro is a Cardiff-based theatre company that champions multilingualism as a creative tool. It works inventively - cross-platform - aiming to push boundaries, weaving together drama, music, dance and film to create powerful and compelling theatre of international appeal.”

We see these elements working here in a complex harmony highlighting the emotion of the narrative. Words are spoken in both Welsh and English and on this occasion French too. There is a musicality to the spoken voice that it becomes another instrument in the accompaniment. Mono linguists need not worry. The moving stories are very clearly told with all these elements perfectly combining to captivate us all.

The performers are equally adept with both the words and the dance. They skillfully perform the edgy, developing choreography that leads us into these deeply moving stories. We are made to see these troubled teenagers and empathize with them as the complex details of their lives emerge. There is a magic to the production that can only become stronger. I eagerly await seeing the finalised production from this very fine, sensitive and well tuned ensemble. Rosalind Brookes, Camille Giraudeau, Charlotte Griffiths, Alexandra Pholien, Emily Pottage, Nia Roberts and Manon Wilkinson, all flawlessly enmesh with their ingenious creative team - Judith Roberts-Director and writer, Lee Johnston-Choreographer and Gwyneth Glyn.

Reviewed by: Michael Kelligan

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