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Gwalia Theatre , Chapter , July-11-17
Kite by Gwalia Theatre Carmen Medway Stephens’ previous work, such as Utah Bride and Bara Bread have always had a touch of Celtic beauty about them but with a very clear and realistic narrative. Here she ventures deeper into the depths of poetry and although there is a story, it is the rhythms of her single character’s emotional journey that lies at the heart of the piece and they are delivered with an excellent degree sensitivity and understanding by the fine, captivating voice of Sharon Morgan. She brings her own touch of magic to the character and compels us to watch her on her journey.

She recalls her birth and again it is the sounds of the language of the writing of the piece that fascinate and delight. Normal life is settling in but always seeming to slip away. She’s chopping wood with a very sharp axe. She becomes distracted by the call of a red Kite flying above. Again the words soar and our enigmatic lady feels she is at one with the magnificent bird and embraces its FREEDOM.

Maybe the Kite (Barcud Coch) represents the ideal life, in contrast to her continual reaching out in vain for life’s reward. She feels threatened by a returning former friend or possible partner. She draws strength from the red Kite and life continues. A Kite’s egg is hatched and the year has turned full circle.

It is almost a futile exercise to try to relate this underlying narrative of the work. It is as a metaphysical work of sound, allegory and an almost spiritual enchantment that this work begins to succeed.

This ‘working-in-progress’ outing was put together with Chris Morgan’s understanding direction in only a couple of days. The experience was very worthwhile and I look forward to seeing the full development of this new exciting direction Carmen Medway Stephens is taking.

Reviewed by: Michael Kelligan

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