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Carri Pulls It Off!

Carri Munn: Minger of the World

Carri Munn , Chapter , September-02-17
Carri Munn: Minger of the World by Carri Munn I was lucky enough to attend Carri Munn’s first adventure into comedy in 2016. She returns now, still as a result of being mistaken for Stephen Fry in drag but with a greater self-assurance but also retaining that wicked warmth that gives her a unique comic charm.

I saw no minger signs, I saw a performer completely at home with herself taking us at an easy pace through life and showing us its funny side with many hilarious stories of the human foibles we all know so well. She gives us oblique incites into children, making children, make-up, growing up and bodybuilding. Each essay had her packed audience laughing loudly; at times the hilarity peaked and threatened to blow the roof off. But you felt this would be something she could well cope with and turn to laughter.

Even the twinkle in her eye is brighter as she brings us into her crazy world and invites us to share it with her. We were all safe in her arms having the best comedy night out anyone could wish for.

Carri Munn: Minger of the world – The world needs to see you!

She was introduced by a pacey Col Howarth. He got us more than ready for our main attraction.

Reviewed by: MichaelKelligan

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