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Cascade Dance Theatre , Chapter , November-29-18
Frankenstein by Cascade Dance Theatre “Celebrating 200 years since the publication of this masterpiece; Cascade breathes new life into a story that has become so much more to us than its 19th Century origins.”
Certainly the tensions Artistic Director and Choreographer Phil Williams has brought to this piece with this wonderful core of superb dancers captivate us and hold us from the exciting start to the very sad ending. The stage is a constantly changing, beautifully executed animations of fine art paintings.
Stuart Waters as Victor Frankenstein and Caldonia Walton as Elizabeth Levenza radiate an inner beauty from the moment we first see them alone on the stage. Their wedding produces an extremely poignant moment. This is very much in contrast to the dynamic evil that Jordi Calpe Serrats brings to his very compelling performance as The Creature. He does not have an evil, fantastical physical appearance but there is no doubting the inner wickedness he possesses and he dominates the narrative.
These same attributes surround his opposite number, the female creature, another excellent performance from Anna Cabré-Verdiell as she emerges birthing through the cellophane skin that dramatically creates the realization of these two ungodly creatures.
Williams has assembled a first class team to tell his story. The music by Jak Poore and Ben Parsons is quite wonderful and their execution of it equally so. The lighting by Hristo Takov adds to the mystery.
The chases and acrobatic choreography thrill. The story telling is clear and gathers in pace to its climatic close.
The two ensemble dancers Desi Bonato and Luca Dora Bakos merge seamlessly into the narrative. At Shelley’s disco bar they lead everyone in a great quickening of the pace of the proceedings. It maybe a ‘nasty’ story but in the hands of these beautifully talented people it is a joy to watch.

Reviewed by: Michael Kelligan

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