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A Trip to the Moon!

Space Cadette

Laurie Black , The Other Room at Porter's , February-05-19
Space Cadette by Laurie Black Dan Jones Artistic Director of Cardiff’s exciting ‘pub’ theatre The Other Room has decided to bring us something a little different this season. He has invited a number of performers and companies from across the water, The River Severn, that is: individuals and companies that we would not normally see in Wales.

We kick off with Laurie Black, an award-winning star of the Alternative Cabaret scene. Tonight she is in Space Cadette mode, clad in a tight fitting, silver glittering body suit and some dangerously high-healed shoes. She picks up her microphone and explains to us in song, why she wants to go to the moon. Basically she hates the people down here! In her second number she describes herself as a humanphobe!

She accompanies herself with some spectacular playing of an electric piano, synthesiser and a drum machine no bigger than my mobile phone.

We take a break for a bit of chat and banter, she has a very endearing and charming way with her audience. She asks us for suggestions as to how she might complete the journey of her dreams. One suggestion is a catapult! Maybe a modern-day Leonardo might have managed this but it’s beyond all our capabilities today.

Coincidentally, Tim Peake’s Space Capsule is resting in The National Museum of Wales, only a few steps from the theatre. I had recently been to see it. Maybe I should have suggested that to her.

After a couple more powerfully sung melodies echoing her frustration she is able to hitch a ride in a flying saucer. The ride is full of incidents but the aliens do stop and let her off at the moon.

We get another totally captivating song as she indulges in the pleasures of being on the moon.

Black gives us some pretty powerful singing and playing. It is an exciting hour of music theatre delivered with a twinkle in her eye. She buys a moon on EBay. It changes colour if you press its button.
She passes it around the audience and it changes colour as it goes on its way. She demands it back before she goes. We get a great Thank you’ smile and she gets a great round of applause. She will be there ‘til 8 Feb.

Thanks Dan, many of us would never be aware of this charming Space Cadette if you had not tempted her to Cardiff. And there’s a lot more to come. See

Reviewed by: Michael Kelligan

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