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Cardiff Singer of the World 2019

Cardiff Singer of the World , St. David's Hall , June-20-19
Cardiff Singer of the World 2019 by Cardiff Singer of the World Setting of from home at approximately 5:15 traffic was horrendous but we finally arrived at the st Davidís hall theatre where I walked up to the main hall doors and was greeted by loads and loads of public and staff of the st Davidís theatre, entering for tonightís performance when myself and my colleague walked over to the ticketing desk to pick up our tickets I was handed my tickets by two lovely members of staff whom advised me where we were seated and handed a performance programme, for tonightís performance. The stair cases , escalators and lifts were really busy I myself avoided the stairs and escalators and waited for the st Davidís hall staff team to bring down the lift shaft so we could enter level 5 the small lift at st Davidís hall was only large enough for 5 small people and one large person there was only one lift and loads of people of all walks of life, the lift finally arrived to us and six of us entered we were like sardines from a tin it was like the up and out machine in Wonkaís chocolate factory it was great fun being taken to our floor by members of staff at st Davidís hall we left the lift at floor 5 to be greeted by swarms of enthusits all of whom were geared up for pre performance talks with Donald Maxwell. Donald Maxwell hit home to us how the 19th century rules over the 21st century with very little music has entered competitions such as singer of the world, and other operatic events he made us aware that the talent was magnificent and to win a place in the grand finale you have to be fresh on what the jury want to hear. All the artists I believe it is just luck if they sing what the judges and public want to hear he talked about each artist appearing on stage tonight their styles and languages and had us all thinking if the contributing contestants/ artists would ideally sing in e flat or f. many of us would return home after the concert and debate this over a cup of tea or hot beverage. He wanted us to think of the different taste for music and talked about Miss Guatemala and their first time in the competition. He talked about the youngest contender at age 27 and the oldest in the competition who was once singing way into their 80ís, he also talked about the Italian/American performer about the two different areas of voice and describes what life has been and how it has a passion and helps us get what we need to get. He makes us understand that we have amazing singers in tonightís category and leaves us on a high for tonightís performance the pre talks finish and we are seated to our seats were tonightís performance began with two presenters welcoming us to tonightís performance the two celebrity presenters were that of petroc Trelawney and Josie Díarby, many of us know Josie appearing on many bbc programmes and know Petroc for presenting programmes on bbc radio and other bbc programmes alike we are then greeted by our first tenor of the night aged 32 name of Luis Gomes of Portuguese citizenship he wowed us with many songs and looked like a million dollars in his stage outfit he sang about Donizetti, lamore lamore, Romeo et Juliet and no puede/ser his strong and powerful voice soon had the audience in amazement. The second act of the night was our judgeís winner sooyeon lee a south Korean soprano aged 30 wowed us with her white dazzling glitter dress and white platform heeled shoes, she stunned us with her stunning soprano voice she knew how to hit the high pitched notes and deserved to win that round she sang many songs about heaven about weddings and how Lucia is in love with Edguardo but is persuaded to marry Arturo a gorgeous soprano voice that won over the judges and she took tonightís winning prize of a place in the finale. The next artist was roman Arndt a male tenor singer of aged 30 he sings how happy he is to be spending his life with her and how she loves him he sings about alfredo and how she has moved in with violetta a real good piece of music la travita Verdi he wowed us on stage with his big bow tie and lush suit and black shiny shoes and amazed us with his subtitle but powerful projection he was captivating and moving. The next artist was a young soprano aged 27 who was from Guatemala and sang about Carmen Bizet and how she wanted don Jose to come with her and join the band of smugglers in the mountains she tells herself that she is not afraid of the savage place or Cameronís spell and sings and praise for courage. She then goes on to sing the rakeís progress staviniski she sings about staviniski and her soprano voice is incredible. She came on stage in a beautiful outfit with long black curly hair tied back and a lovely draping gown and dolly shoes it was an emotional performance and she also connected with everyone in the audience and let out a massive sigh of relief once ending the performance.
Our last and final performance of the night was Jorge Espino a stunning baritone aged 27 all the way from hot Mexico he engaged us with music of Tchaikovsky and montenezzi don Giovanni Mozart and Falstaff Verdi his stunning black outfit and shiny shoes had us all captured he had a strong but projective voice strong hand emotion good eye contact with the audience and wowed us with a stunning orchestra musician playing the mandolin the audience enjoyed his presence but not enough to take the winning prize. The spectacular judges after crowning the winner of tonightís heat then announced their wild card for 2019 who was called Guadalupe Barrientos of Argentina on Tuesday the 18th of June Guadalupe wowed us with Wagner Saint-Saens Samson and Delilah and Verdi she deserved to win the wild card an outstanding performance from her. The concert is then ended where Josie díarcy and colleague Petroc wished everyone a good night and safe journey home and wanted us to arrive earlier as normal tomorrow night as pop singer pink was also performing in Cardiff

Reviewed by: Justin Lamnea

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