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A Night at the Musicals

A David Mahoney and Wales Millennium Centre Production , Wales Millennium Centre , June-23-19
A Night at the Musicals  by A David Mahoney and Wales Millennium Centre Production Having set off from my home at 6:00pm me and my colleague Justin lamnea made our way to the Wales Millennium Centre in Cardiff Bay we arrived by 6:30pm where we were greeted by the amazing staff there and we went to pick up our tickets for tonight’s spectacular performance. We then went up to level 1 and showed the stewardess our tickets and was told what row we would be on for tonight’s show and were we had been seated we had a good view of the stage.

Once everyone had been seated the performance then begin everyone in the audience for this evening’s performance was clapping and cheering the age range of people that were there started at the age of 9 all the way up to 50+ so quite a wide range of people. There were a couple of people who attended celebrating something whether it be a birthday or a wedding anniversary but there was so much excitement from everyone in the event it was amazing looking at everyone who was there.

So the orchestra started playing a little bit of a medley from some of the musicals we would be hearing tonight when the show started once the medley had finished, David Mahoney then introduced himself and stated that he would be the conductor for this evening’s performance and he was wearing a lovely black suit and black shoes and the orchestra looked stunning in their suits and gowns so then David Mahoney then introduced the audience to the first performance of the evening.

David Thaxton then came on and wearing a blue blazer and a white shirt and smart jeans and he then stated ‘’so this song that I will be singing for you tonight is from a musical that I actually played a part in and that song is called Jesus Christ Superstar’’ and the orchestra started playing and he started singing and it was like being in the actually performance he sang the song absolutely phenomenally the way he was singing the high notes made me shiver, that is how good it was.

Once David had finished he then went off the stage and then David Mahoney introduced the next musical, Chicago. The orchestra played another medley of Chicago songs form the No1 famous musical. Once they had finished David Mahoney then came down and asked everyone in the audience if they were having a good time and he wanted everyone to shout and cheer. When he asked the first time, he called it a poor effort he stated can we all do this again as it was a poor effort. AND THEY DID!

So then the next singer came on and introduced herself, her name was Danielle Hope and she started to sing Don’t Rain on my Parade and she was dressed in a beige sparkly gown and white high heels and she had good connection with the song and the audience were left wanting more like having something that tastes so delicious you can’t stop. She nailed all of the high notes in the song and was absolutely stunning singing that song and then the song had finished Danielle had then go on to say that she is going to be singing another song and that song was so important to her and then she started singing and it was Somewhere Over the Rainbow and she sang it really good. After she performed David came down and introduced 150 children and the children sang a song and it as amazing

Next singer then came on the stage and introduced himself and stated that he had his own website and had his own album and he sang his song beautifully and then finished. David came down and stated ‘’ so I have some good and bad news did you want the good news first the audience stated yes there is a second half to this show this evening and the bad news is that we have nearly ended the first half everyone stated that they were sad that we had nearly ended the first half and then David then introduced the next singer and she was called Kerry Ellis and she came out and was wearing a black dress and black shoes and then started singing her first song which was like something you want to hear again and again and then she dedicated her second song to her nan as to which sadly passed away this morning so that song was called anthem.

Then we had a 20 minuets interval and then once the interval had finished the second half began and then started with Hope and Thaxton joined by 150 school children in their rendition of Circle of Life and they all sang a couple more songs each and then came together on the last 2 songs and then the concert had finished with the song Don’t Stop Believing by Journey as the final song. The song before that was From Now On, from the greatest showman which everyone started singing and then they said goodbye and David then said that they were going to sing one more song and this time the four performers wanted everyone on their feet and singing and dancing with them for this number and everyone stood up and the whole of the audience was dancing and having a laugh whilst they sang the song and the concert had ende

Image - John Owen Jones. Photo - Polly Thomas

Reviewed by: Benjamin Moran

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