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The final curtain of an exquisite triptych of Lynch inspired concerts.

Hatis Noit, Oliver Coates & Chrysta Bell

David Lynch Presents , HOME - Manchester, , July-16-19
 Hatis Noit, Oliver Coates & Chrysta Bell by David Lynch Presents I hall fallen in love with Manchester these past few days. Lynch himself spoke of the city having the best factories from yesteryear and I’ll admit the red brick facades are hard to resit. With a heavy heart, it was time for the final David Lynch Presents concert at HOME. I’ll pop in some quote here from his work and just simply say: “It is happening again”, though “for the last time”.

London based, Japanese singer Hatis Noit offered a breathtaking start to this last night. Her acapella singing, along with looping voice made for pristine listening. Her earthy, ancient soul leaps out into the space, at times becoming operatic just for that little bit extra variety. The hushed audience were left spellbound here. There was a moving aspect to the whole encounter, which will be hard to forget in a hurry. Even her wolf like howling at the end was strangely cathartic. Her modesty and kindness is what made this set so special, another great discovery of an artist who I will certainly follow in the future.

Chrysta Bell has been the back bone of these concerts. Though some songs have returned, each night was different. I was delighted she sang Down By Babylon, a firm favourite of mine, shining with a effortless breeze and strident vocal declarations. Night Ride is another evocative banger, one to certainly get people up on their feet. Though we did not get to hear Blue Roses (a song related to Twin Peaks thanks to her character in the show), but the ending was very special indeed. Her own masterful rendition of Sycamore Trees lasted longer then the version the night prior from These New Prodigies. Here she glowed and her band wrapped up this mesmeric music in a divine way. Her work has been so special here at these shows that it hit you when it ended just how awesome it all was. Meeting Chrysta Bell after each concert was also wonderful, her kindness and commitment to the fans is something other celebrities might want to learn from.

Though Chrysta Bell should have really ended the night, the final part of the evening was devoted to Oliver Coates. I last saw him in Cardiff for his Night Music set at St David’s Hall, stimulating stuff indeed. Here with his cello, he offered some of his own hair raising pieces along with some more surprising material. Though the music of French composer Olivier Messiaen might not feel “Lynchian”, hearing Coates play ‘Louange al’eternite de Jesus’ from Quarter for the End of Time was a heart in the vice kind of moment. The electronics ensemble assaults on the ear, though still attractive and formidable. Coates make his cello sing, though his stage presence is no where near as entrancing. His stony faced demeanour and dry personality might not turn heads, but as a musician he brings joy out of the cello and introduces the instrument to new, eager audiences. That is extremely important in my option.

A perfect way to spend a weekend in Manchester.

Rating: 5 stars

David Lynch’s ‘My Head is Disconnected’ exhibition continues till 29th July 2019. A season of Lynch films will also feature.

Listen to Chrysta Bell on Radio 6 discing the Manchester International Festival.

Photo Credit: Priti Shikotra

Reviewed by: James Ellis

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