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No Fit State Circus , Manchesterr , June 14, 2004
ImMortal by No Fit State Circus NoFit State Circus has pared down the art of the big top, leaving out the animals, clichéd clown outfits and the seating. Drawing on similar sources as Cirque Du Soleil, is latest show is a sensual overload of aerial acrobatics, rope work, tumbling and performance art.

Turning tradition on its head, the audience stands in the centre of the tent, encircled by the performers, who weave in and out, directing attention from one set of gravity-defying tricks to the next.

Giggly ladies dressed in 1950’s swimwear breast-stroke through the air suspended by swathes of fabric, while frantic characters – ranging from a darkly comic suicidal housewife to a shy male acrobat chased by a lusty female – play-act among the crowd.

Only the overtly theatrical spoken-word segments mar the flow of this effortlessly modern piece anchored in circus’s burlesque past; there is barely a story, in any case, and there’s plenty to enjoy in the movement and sheer celebration of humanity. Take the frosty, sultry-looking Rosa, who nonchalantly keeps five hula hoops going in one act, then spins above the crowd using only a loop hooked around the back of her neck in another. Such antics are what NoFit State is all about: the company’s enjoyment of its work is infectious. One trapeze artist grins and shouts to passers-by that they should try it themselves.

We’re not all immortal……..

Reviewed by: Tamsin Curry

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