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Frank Vickery


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Barkin' First presented in 2010
by Grassroots Productions

Frank Vickery, considered to be one of Wales’ most popular playwrights, returns to the stage this autumn in a brand new comedy, directed by Phil Clark.  Barkin’ is Frank’s first new play for over 3 years and it is touring venues throughout Wales.

Barkin’, co-produced by Frank’s company Grassroots Productions and Rhondda Cynon Taf Theatres, is an exciting development in Frank’s writing from farce to comedy drama.  The play is a gripping black comedy exploring the relationship between a mother and a daughter, told totally from the daughter’s perspective.

Stevie has lived all her life with her domineering mother and feels trapped by the responsibility of caring for her, while her seemingly carefree brother is living life to the full. Now, has the day finally arrived when Stevie can, at last, experience the freedom she has yearned for?   Or will she discover that things are not quite what they appear to be?  

A tightly woven drama, Barkin’ is a rich cocktail of pathos and humour, dark secrets and unrealised dreams. Using Frank’s usual humour and realism, this darkly comic drama comedy explores issues that many of the audience will be able identify with.

Frank explains how Barkin’ came about,
‘It’s not easy for me to say where the idea for Barkin´ came from. I do remember writing Granny Annie and having the idea for Barkin´ at the same time and could hardly wait to finish the one before starting the other.

Most of my plays only take ten or so days to write so I didn’t have to wait long. I say it takes ten days but in fact it takes many months of thinking and preparation before I put pen to paper.

I have a reputation for writing roles for strong women and I’m sure this was uppermost in my mind when I started to develop the idea for Barkin’.’

The Barkin’ tour starts at The Torch Theatre in Milford Haven on Thursday 23 September and then visits Clwyd Theatre Cymru, The Welfare in Ystradgynlais, Theatr Brycheiniog, Blackwood Miners’ Institute, The Congress Theatre in Cwmbran, the Park & Dare Theatre in Treorchy, The Muni Arts Centre in Pontypridd, The Coliseum in Aberdare, Swansea Grand Theatre and Cardiff’s  New Theatre.

Frank Vickery started writing whilst still in school and had his first major success at the age of twenty-one when his first comedy ‘After I’m Gone’ won the Howard De Waldon Trophy for the best one act play in Great Britain.  

Frank now writes extensively for the theatre, radio and television and was recently the subject of a major documentary by BBC TV called ’On Show: Kiss and Tell’.

Frank Vickery is now considered to be Wales’ most popular playwright.  Also a talented actor, his writing and performances have achieved widespread critical acclaim and confirmed his place as a leading name on the Welsh touring circuit since the early 1990’s.  

Barkin’ has been supported by a grant from the Arts Council of Wales, Rhondda Cynon Taf County Borough Council’s Cultural Services department, City and County of Swansea/Swansea Grand Theatre.

Rehearsals begin on Tuesday 31 August at The Muni Arts Centre in Pontypridd, and then transfer to The Torch in Milford Haven from Monday 20 September, including the technical and dress rehearsals.

Amazing Grace First presented in 2005
by Wales Theatre Company

The Welsh Revival. 1904. Eighteen months that changed the world. A young miner from the Valleys, Evan Roberts, held God and the people in his hands. The pubs were empty, the pitches unplayed on. "O Iesu Mawr". And then it was all over. What happened to the passion and the power? Did it just evaporate, or does a distorted legacy live on in the cult of the Messiah - Waco, the Bagwan, the fervour of fundamentalism? Amazing Grace - The Musical, with music and lyrics by Mal Pope, book by Frank Vickery, directed by Michael Bogdanov and featuring Peter Karrie, promises to be one of the theatrical highlights of the year.

Spanish Lies First presented in 2003
by Parc & Dare Theatre Co

What better way to celebrate 25 years of wedded (sort-of) bliss than to revisit your honeymoon for a trip down memory lane.

In Frank Vickery's Spanish Lies, Dougie does just that, taking wife Lorna to the Majorcan hotel they first visited as newlyweds to celebrate their silver wedding anniversary.

But it's more heartbreak hotel than happy holidays for the couple, who find the rain in Spain isn't the only thing to put a dampener on things.

Dougie had been hoping to put a spark back in their flagging relationship but wasn't expecting the fireworks that the holiday brings.

The hotel is still managed by the same couple, Regietta and her husband Miguel, the local Casanova whom Lorna fell for all those years before.

Her affair is brought to life as she, Miguel and Regietta step back into their younger selves to re-enact the events of 25 years ago.

So the audience has the wicked pleasure of eavesdropping on decisions made a quarter of a century ago with the knowledge of what actually happened later.

The problem is that Lorna isn't happy to be back where she was all those years ago - she hates realising what hasn't been achieved since she got married, and remembering all those youthful hopes and dreams.


Brian Meadows - Director - Parc & Dare Theatre Company, added these comments :

I was the original director of Spanish Lies at the Parc and dare and on tour. Spanish lies was a popular hit at the time with an excellent cast (including Frank Vickery) and an outstanding set.

Reviews were mixed but audience reaction was excellent - played at various venues including Parc and Dare Theatre, Swansea, Sherman Theatre etc,

Pullin the Wool First presented in 1998
by Sherman Theatre Company
Biting the Bullet First presented in 1996
by Sherman Theatre Company
Roots and Wings First presented in 1995
by Sherman Theatre Company
Erogenous Zones First presented in 1992
by Sherman Theatre Company

A funny yet poignant look at the ups and downs of being in or out of a relationship.
One of Frank Vickery’s best plays, Erogenous Zones takes a funny yet poignant look at the ups and downs of being in or out of a relationship.

An ingeniously constructed play depicting a triangle of relationships. Michael, a homosexual, is in love with his flatmate Andrew, who is having an affair with Lesley, whose husband Tom seeks respite from their failing marriage in the arms of Alison.

Confused? So are they! In this bitter-sweet comedy Vickery weaves a web of sexual intrigue around five hormonally challenged individuals.

Sleeping With Mickey Mouse First presented in 1992
by Sherman Theatre Company
A Kiss on the Bottom First presented in 1991
by Sherman Theatre Company

The women on the cancer ward at the East Glamorgan hospital must cope, not only with the uncertainties of their health, but also the inevitable secrets and half-truths told by the staff and relatives. To keep them cheery Marlene devises activities to make her bedfellows' time in hospital somewhat more interesting than it would have been!

Director: Phil Clark Oct 91
Toured Swansea Grand

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