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Firenza Guidi
David Murray
artistic policy
polisi artistig
Elan is a performance training, research and production company creating projects which enable and encourage collaborations between performers and artists from different parts of Wales, Europe and beyond in the belief that there is a language, in theatre, which unifies without abolishing differences.Elan's desire is to provide the initial means and inspiration for the people of a community - as well as for professional artists - not only to discover and use their creative power, but also to continue to develop it if they wish to do so.

Elan aims to :- reclaim a place for theatre in the lives of people as a rightful and irreplaceable space for memory, history, culture, the search for individual and collective identity.- bring together academics and practitioners, intellectuals and artists to create a dialogue between theatre theory and practice.- bridge the gap between "high art" and "community" events.- establish a true and dynamic dialogue between different performative languages such as music, movement, singing and vocal work, text, plastic and visual arts.- motivate performers' self-exploration and development by providing the company with a framework of on-going training and continuous challenges.- propose and implement the practice of training as empowerment.- create long-standing collaborations which continue to flourish in time and accross boundaries.
brief history
hanes cryno
Created in 1989 by Firenza Guidi and David Murray, Elan is committed to creating new work in the form of site-specific,video,installation, high-quality, highly visual, small and large-scale performances/events in unusual and unexplored locations.
Elan's unique formula of the performance/montage (created by FG in 1989) has proved a powerful and extremely adaptable vehicle for presentation and performance training at both professional and community level ; as well as a means of establishing long-standing collaborations.Elan will be holding its 9th annual performance-training Summer School in Fucecchio, Tuscany (June/July 2001).
selected past productions
rhai cynhyrchiadau'r gorffenol
"Cybermama" - performance/montage, Penrhys, Wales.
"State of Grace 1/Stato di Grazia 1" - perf/mont, Fucecchio, Italy2000
"In My Mouth" - 3-phase perfomance project written and directed by FG during residency as Senior Judith E. Wilson Fellow, Cambridge University
"State of Grace 2/Stato di Grazia 2" - perf/mont, Florence,Italy
"Bytes" - workshop/montage, Radstadt, Austria
"Transit Sheds" - large-scale, site-specific perf/mont, Barry Docks, Wales. In collaboration with Community Music Wales and Vale of Glamorgan Council.
"Metamorfosi" - large-scale, site-specific perf/mont, Ponte a Cappiano, Italy. Produced by Comune di Fucecchio.
"Faust" - adapted and directed by FG as guest director for National Youth Theatre of Wales. Site-specific production at National Library of Wales, Aberystwyth, and National Museum of Wales, Cardiff
"R.ex" - written and directed by FG for the Department of Film, Television and Theatre, Aberystwyth University.

“The Cut” presented at Wales Theatre Festival, Aberystwyth.


“Prince of Fire “ performance/montage, Fucecchio, Italy

“Steamed Pork Pies” performance /montage, Blaengarw, Wales in collaboration with Creation Community Development,
funded by European Social Fund.

“Vinyl” performance / montage in collaboration with School of Stage Arts, Vordingborg, Denmark.

“RAM” workshop/performance for Festival Marea, Fucecchio, Italy, supported by International Youth Exchange Programme.

“H20” Elan’s 9th international Summer School inspired by Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Large-scale, site –specific performance/montage, Parco Corsini, Fucecchio, Italy.

“Hamlet, In Loving Memory” adapted and directed by FG for NYTW, Margam Park, Wales

“Il Grande Silenzio” Performance/montage inspired by T.S. Eliot’s
The Waste Land, Florence and Fucecchio, Italy.

“The Cherry Orchard” Directed by FG for RWCMD, Cardiff.

“Garden of Delights” Performance/montage, Parco Corsini, Fucecchio, Italy

Woyzeck 1 Phase 1 of Buchner’s Woyzeck adapted and directed by FG in collaboration with Butler University, Indianapolis, USA. Supported by the British Council.

“Inside the Tower” Performance/montage, Parco Corsini, Fucecchio, Italy

Woyzeck 2 Phase 2 of Woyzeck season. Elan’s 10th International Summer School, Giardini Bombici, Fucecchio, Italy

Woyzeck 3 Third phase adapted and directed by FG for NYTW, Aberystwyth Arts Centre, Wales

Woyeck 4 Large-scale, site specific performance/montage, Sovabazar Rajbari, Kolkata. Workshop/performances at Dramatic Arts and Design Academy, Delhi and Bangalore, India.


“Room 101” Performance/montage, Fucecchio, Italy

“Candida” Directed by FG for RWCMD, Cardiff

“Maskinen” Created and directed by FG for School of Stage Arts, Vordingborg and Copenhagen, Denmark.

“Ecstasy” 11th International Summer School, Parco Corsini, Fucecchio, Italy

“If there was Water” Short film written and directed by FG presented at the Auditorium, Fucecchio, Italy

future plans
cynlluniau at y dyfodol
Elan continues to build upon and expand its unique programme of performance training throughout Wales and beyond.

We are currently organising our next large-scale,
four-phase project, “The Machine – when is a man/woman free?”, with our transnational partners under the culture 2000 programme. This will see the realisation of performances in France, Iceland, USA and Cuba.

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