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Christopher J Rees
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Cut the Cr*p Theatre Company (CTCTC) is a new company for a renewed Wales. It has been created with the specific aim of returning to the fundamentals of theatre with the use of current resources. This aim is focused on the dynamics of the audience who should experience theatre as an ‘event’.
By exploring the unique relationship between the actor, audience and space CTCTC are determined to cut away the superficiality, pretentiousness and dilettantism of ‘gimmick theatre’ that can only alienate an audience. It is a company committed to storytelling that isn’t clouded with concepts but has clarity, meaning and relevance for those who experience it.
Our company values support the belief that the audience has a right to have an opinion about the plays that they have witnessed. We intend to develop a relationship with the audience that reassures them that they are being listened to and that their thoughts and views matter to the process of putting on a play. This is paramount to achieving our aim in reaching new audiences and making the theatre a vibrant and evolving domain. Without the audience theatre ceases to exist. Therefore they play a vital role in the future of the arts. We advocate the development of theatre as a platform for empowering people from all social backgrounds.
Christopher J Rees – Artistic director
Christopher has over 22 years experience of directing young people and professionals as the Director of Llanelli Youth Theatre and Pukka Theatre Company. His work has been diverse and challenging as he has strived to broaden awareness of the possibilities of theatre with the people and audiences that he has had contact with.

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