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Claudio Laurini, Rhys Bishop and Angela Colderick
artistic policy
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Full Circle Theatre aims to promote accessibility to the arts for youth and adults in a position of disadvantage. We utilize drama and art as a tool for stimulating feelings of trust, group awareness and self-confidence building.

We strongly believe drama can improve everyone's life. Dramatic forms can entertain and can also challenge us. Theatre can make us laugh but has the power to make us think.

We advocate inclusion, tolerance and diversity as pillars of civilized society, and use drama to break down barriers and against all forms of discrimination.

brief history
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Full Circle Theatre is born in 2004 when Claudio Laurini, Rhys Bishop and Angela Colderick, three South Wales based theatre practitioners with a special interest in community drama, decide to join hands.

From the very start, their common passion for drama, their awareness of the power it holds when used as social tool and their will to make it accessible to all, led them to become the core of what will then become Full Circle Theatre.

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