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Mike Brookes Mike Pearson
Mike Brookes Mike Pearson
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Pearson/Brookes represents the recent and on-going collaboration between Mike Brookes and Mike Pearson; their collective proposals and theories; and the performance works they produce.

As individuals their work has both encompassed and engaged an array of media and disciplines, within the development of an innovative artistic and performance practice spanning decades. They met in Cardiff, and first worked together, on Brith Gof's 'Gododdin' in 1988.

Their current work is dedicated to the pursuit of experimental strategies and practice in the form, function and placement of performance; an attempt to bring contemporary sensibilities and technologies to the past as a form of cultural stimulation which values memory, opinion, speculation; and to create work that is both conceptual
brief history
hanes cryno
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selected past productions
rhai cynhyrchiadau'r gorffenol
like a pelican in the wilderness...(towards the north) 2000
lifting 1999
works of progress 1999
the man who ate his boots 1998
the first five miles 1998
body of evidence 1998
Dead Men's shoes 1997
future plans
cynlluniau at y dyfodol
Mike Pearson and Mike Brookes are currently developing innovative forms of participatory performance, responsive to changed political circumstances. Forms that problematise notions of 'character' and 'plot' the means by which dramatic material is generated and exhibited, and pose important questions about the nature of theatrical representation. Their practice constitutes performance as social enquiry and action rather than simple artistic reflection.

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