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Canolfan Byd Bychan / Small World Centre
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Bill Hamblett, Ann Shrosbree
Julie Evans
artistic policy
polisi artistig
Small World Theatre (SWT) produces original performances for it’s own spectacular venue and for theatres, and new audiences, which often challenge the distinction between actors and animates. SWT use participatory methods to help communities in UK, Africa and Asia help determine their development.
SWT bring stories home informing theatre for UK audiences. Our new and original cabaret shows are now legendary in West Wales

To use the universal language of theatre to communicate important ideas and feelings to young people and adults in a non-exploitative way.

To experiment with techniques which increase the effectiveness and excitement of live performance.

To promote international cultural links through theatre.

To learn from other cultures.

To write produce and perform shows that reflect local and global concerns that are common to all people.

To teach and exchange skills with interested groups including extensionists, teachers, artists and other performers.

To increase the status of puppetry within theatre, film and T.V. as well as with public and private funders and sponsors.
brief history
hanes cryno
Small World Theatre is a charity which implements projects using the arts in development and provides consultants to bodies such as the UN, British Council and INGO's

Founder members Ann Shrosbree and Bill Hamblett who have worked together since 1979 have experience of working with poor or marginalised communities in Vietnam, Nepal, India, Zambia, Sudan, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, the Middle East, Wales, Ireland and in the inner cities and rural areas of UK.

They also design and implement development awareness projects in UK and produce innovative performances using theatre, puppetry, storytelling and new technology. Training and workshops they provide often lead to performances with community groups as well as events such as street processions with giant puppets and other site specific events.

SWT's international work in Arts and Culture for Development (ACD) participatory theatre, rights and democracy informs and is informed by touring performances in theatres for Welsh and other UK audiences.

2013 One Way Street.
Soon Small World Theatre presents it’s tribute to Film Noir “One Way Street” containing all the moral ambiguity embodied in the noir genre. Encounter the femme fatal, the hard-nosed detective, all in glorious black and white. One Way Street is a live theatre performance inhabited by puppets and film projections.
Just how will the bankers fair in the post depression tale of greed, lust and intrigue? This production in startling monochrome is comprised of more than fifty shades of grey. It is much more subtle and layered than that. San Francisco transforms from soft focus to the chiaroscuro sharpness of this film genre.
Sam Stone is a San Francisco private investigator. People come to him to solve their problems and their troubles. Lately those problems have been more and more difficult to solve. One day a woman walks into his office with what seems to be an open and shut case but this one’s going to get him into a whole lot of trouble. What’s more he can’t even find a decent cup of coffee.
One Way Street Set in San Francisco as well as Swansea and is redolent with the themes and style of the film Noir classics. It’s convoluted story and intricate plot leads Sam Stone on a tour of the cities high and low spots and even takes him on a journey to Wales. Written and produced by Small World Theatre this is a show for adults where puppetry meets the demand of both film noir lovers and theatre goers alike.
There is no leader who is not a bridge...
This spectacular giant production is as emotional as it is epic. A new myth for a new paradigm. Bran Stands a staggering 25ft high with a crew of ten performers
The Mabinogion story of ‘Brân the Blessed’ is one of the most cherished stories of Welsh culture. Brân is a hero, a King and a Bridge to his people.
In the build-up to the arrival of the giant, as yet still in pieces, the members of the ‘Society of Brân’ gather the crowds with giant tricycle trailers, towing the giant’s legs, arms and torso to the area where the readers of the portents hilariously enact the 1000 year old story.
THE HEALING OF BRÂN THE BLESSED takes up the story in the present day and with retro-engineered ritual, the performers re-assemble the giant, bringing him to life and helping him stand and walk.
This is a very magical moment for the audience. The healing of Brân represents the healing of his people and in turn the healing of the Celtic nations. As Brân speaks, his voice, deep and sonorous, recites in the Welsh language. The performers’ English commentary helps the audience understand the tale.
2010 2013 ‘Tales from the Taiga’ uses shadow puppetry, giant creatures, storytelling, music and lighting to create an enchanting performance for children and their families! Based on a Siberian tribes folk story . The Nanai are as endangered as their territory the environment and the tigers
2010 – 2013 The Fisherman and the Mermaid. 12ft Giant yellow So’westered fisherman giant with a show about the last mermaid off the Welsh Coast STREET SHOW such fun
2008- 2010 Coedauwydd, Woman of the trees A show commissioned by the forestry commission about carbon capture by trees. No it really is funny and engageing honest .
2006. Cot Myrddyn / Merlin’s Coat. With the aid of Merlin’s transformative coat the boy from Carmarthen gets to grips with his worldwide success. UK
performances in the Autumn. Touring on through till 2008

2006 Sex and Poverty, Wales and the World. HIV AIDS sexual health a drama research process. Wales possibly Uganda.

2006. The Refugee Training Project aims to smooth the integration of refugees into society by creating a 'two way street' of greater awareness and empathy between refugees, host communities and statutory bodies. All Wales

2005 2006 Ridgeway Arts Projects RAP. Arts and theatre for regeneration with excluded communities. Cardigan area.
selected past productions
rhai cynhyrchiadau'r gorffenol 2003 Uganda, Kampala, Feb to April :These Rights Are Mine 180 young people worked to make six interactive forum theatre shows as a resource for their schools on the rights of the child. 40 of this group went on to make these shows into a highly acclaimed piece of theatre at Uganda's National Theatre. Directors: Ann Shrosbree, Bill Hamblett & Philip Luswatta.

SWT returned to Uganda in August 2003 to work with AIDS orphans who have requested SWT?s help in upgrading their skills in puppetry and theatre for Development methods. Also return in 2004 to research an Arts and Culture for development (ACD) training project.

2002/ 2003 / 2004/ 2005 Diogel?/Safe? Ongoing, very successful programme of work using theatre in Swansea schools and communities to explore the refugee/ asylum seeker situation. We present our show and then work with refugee mentors in school clusters devising community performances over six workshop sessions. SWT facilitate post show discussions with the host communities, the children and the refugee mentors. The SWT show was researched with refugees in Wales, devised and made by Ann Shrosbree and Bill Hamblett, additional material Alpha Bah, Director: Vanya Constant.

More work in Wrexham, Cardiff and Bristol followed and this successful project performed in the Assembly building to a young audience and policy makers who post show made policy for Wales concerning asylum seekers and refugees. Thanks to Edwina Hart for hosting the day. The project was mentioned on the floor of the House Of Commons. Subsequently we were asked to present evaluation findings at the House of Commons to an all party group of Welsh MPs at the request of Julie Morgan MP.

2001 / 2002 / 2003 / 2004 Beats the Box, Arts in Targeted Communities.
Indicators of community regeneration can bee seen as a result of using a wide range of theatre techniques and arts practice in these targeted communities. Giant street and carnival puppets have been made as well as public art that has been participatorily designed and produced with young people. Drama, mask making, shadow puppetry, music making and peer education are all aspects of this exciting project.

See website for more information.

2000 Tanzania, Theatre, gender & democracy project training 10 Tanzanian Actors in research using puppets as intermediaries enabling communities in shantytowns help devise street performances about women?s participation in the democratic process( 49 performances) British Council Funded

Generation X, Ely, Cardiff, Bogus is an intergenerational forum theatre piece about bogus callers. Web site www.genx,

Mufaro - author SWT and Traditional African story Animation Sean Vicary.
Music Newmass Kunasta & Erin Mc Donald. Director Vanya Constant

2 consultancies in Nepal. And a visit to the community forestry project in

File not Found - Author SWT

A series of performances for Streets of the South.

Giant Street Puppets for Clonmel, Tipperary, Ireland

Manifiesto de la Selva 2 - author SWT& Carol Byrne Jones. Music by Adrian Wagner
From 1979 to 1997 we Traveled the world performing over 20 different shows and implemented many development projects on theme as varied as tree planting in the desert. 56 Sudaneese villages planted over a million trees. There is now a forest where the desert encroached. Refugee issues in Hong Kong and Vietnam Shadow puppets in Indonesia. Shanty towns in Kenya, and Shows in China.
future plans
cynlluniau at y dyfodol
Small World Theatre / Theatr Byd Bychan will be giving a workshop in Damascus , Syria from 30 July till August 6th

The theme will be participation and Arts and Culture for Development and we have been asked to make a giant puppet. The request has come from a group of actors and technicians via the British Council Syria office. I know it is a an unusual time to headed out into a bit of a hot region but we have it from the British Council that it will OK let us hope that our rusty Arabic language will get us through any obstacles

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