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Coleg Morgannwg Rhondda
CF40 2TQ

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Steve Davis
Sandra Jones
artistic policy
polisi artistig
Our Artistic Policy is to:

Create a high quality, meaningful Theatre Arts experience for our audience.
Create programmes that encourage participation and appreciation of the Theatre Arts.
Recognise Theatre Arts experience as being public and private, immediate and reflective.
Create work that is for, with and about our audiences.
Ensure that our work is both inclusive and accessible.

Our Educational Policy is to:

Design programmes where form and content are appropriate to the developmental levels of children and the wider community.

Commission New Writing ? which is central to the process of creating new work for our audience.
Maintain charges at an affordable level in order to increase access.

Spectacle is always glad to hear from individuals and companies interested in sponsoring or supporting its work.

In 1998, Spectacle Theatre was the first professional Theatre Company in Wales to achieve the Investors In People (IIP) Standard.

The Company has been successful in maintaining this Standard, and places a high priority on continued training for all staff members.
brief history
hanes cryno
Spectacle Theatre Company was formed in 1979. We are the Community Theatre Company for the Glamorgan Valleys and are based in the Rhondda Valley in South Wales.

Spectacle Theatre provides a comprehensive service; performances, participatory workshops, previews and Inset training for teachers. We also provide follow up materials which can be used to enrich the performance and extend the learning experience

We create new work of the highest standard which is both educational and entertaining. We are committed to a partnership with schools and work closely with subject advisors and teachers in order to understand current concerns in the classroom, thus ensuring that our work is both relevant and stimulating.

The role of Spectacle Theatre is to provide opportunities for our community to participate in a practical way with the making of Theatre, whether as spectator or performer, by working alongside the professional artist - every person involved will encounter a unique personal experience that will last a lifetime.

Spectacle Theatre has an international reputation for excellence, innovation and collaboration and continue to lead the way in showing just how effective live theatre can be.
selected past productions
rhai cynhyrchiadau'r gorffenol
Productions 2001 - Present

BYSTANDERS / Y GWYLWYR (February - April 2001)
HIDE AND SEEK / CHWARAE CUDDIO by/gan Martin James (June - July 2001)
THE LAZY ANT by Mark Ryan (June - July 2001)
INTO THE EAST by Dic Edwards (October – November 2001)
GOOD FOR NOTHING by Paul Swift (February - March 2002)
WHAT’S THE BIG IDEA? by Mark Ryan (June – July 2002)
GOOD FOR NOTHING by Paul Swift (February - March 2002)
THE LAZY ANT by Mark Ryan (February - March 2003)
WHO ARE WE? PWY YDYN NI? (June – July 2003)
SPOONFACE STEINBERG by Lee Hall & DISTANT JAZZ by Dic Edwards (October – November 2003)
Another Place by Paul Swift- February - May 2004
Where's Andy? by Mark Ryan - June - October 2004
The Clock by Steve Davis - November December 2004
Where's Andy at Christmas by Mark Ryan - December 2004
Where's Andy? by Mark Ryan - February - March 2005
Tua'r Gorllewin gan Greg Banks - Haf 2005
Dumb by Paul Swift - September - November 2005
Friends For Dinner by Mark Ryan - January - May 2006


Productions 2000 - 1990
THE STONE THROWERS by Charles Way (Spring 1990)
FRANKENSTEIN adapted by Steve Davis (March 1991)
THE CULTIVATED WILDERNESS (Spring 1991) (August 1990)
FRANKENSTEIN adapted by Steve Davis (September-November 1991)
CULTURE CHANGE (1991) by Steve Davis
SHIP OF FOOLS by Steve Davis (February-April 1992)
MOON RIVER: THE DEAL by Dic Edwards (November 1993)
DELWEDD (1993)
CAM GWAG (February-March 1993)
MY NAME IS ME (February 1994)
BREAKING THE ICE by Paul Swift (September - October 1994)
SENDING SIGNALS by Steve Davis (March 1995)
ORDER AND DISORDER (April - May 1995)
THE MAN WHO GAVE HIS FOOT FOR LOVE by Dic Edwards (Oct - Nov 1995)
DAVID by Dic Edwards (February - March 1996)
KID by Dic Edwards (June - July 1997)
VERTIGO by Dic Edwards (October - November 1997)
POP (February - March 1998)
WEDI’R HAF by Ian Staples (June - July 1998)
THE FREEWHEELERS by Dic Edwards (October - November 1998)
THROUGH THE CAT FLAP (March - May 1999)
BAG DANCING by Mike Kenny (June - July 1999)
HOUSE by Martin James (June - July 1999)
OVER MILKWOOD by Dic Edwards (October - November 1999)
GUTO by Martin James (June - July 2000)
ANTIGONE NOW! by Dic Edwards (October - December 2000)


Productions 1990 - 1979
THE UNKNOWN ISLAND (January - March 1979)
THE MERCHANT OF VENICE (September-October 1979)
APETALK by Stuart Patterson (September - October 1980)
RETURN OF THE SPACE INVADERS (December 1980-March 1981)
DO YOU MIND? by Tim Baker (April-May 1981)
AND I CAN PLAY (August 1981)
TROUBLE (Autumn 1981)
ABSOLUTE CHAOS (February-March 1982)
ALLSORTS ( March 1982)
ALLS FAIR by Frank Vickery (November 1982)
CAN’T PAY? WON’T PAY? adapted by Robert Walker (Spring 1984)
ON THE DUMP (September-October 1984)
EASY TERMS by Frank Vickery (October-November 1984)
THE OTHER WOMAN by Paul Swift (October-December 1985)
BREAKING THE ICE by Paul Swift (June 1986)
DUEL AT TWILIGHT by Laurence Allan (October-December 1986)
IT by Paul Swift (1986)
ACCIDENT OF BIRTH by Paul Swift (March-April 1987)
AWAY FROM HOME by Leeds T.I.E. (1988)
HARD TIMES adapted by Stephen Jeffreys (88/89)
CHILDREN OF REBECCA by Greg Cullen (Summer 1988)
CARRY THE CAN (October-November 1989)

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