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For the last thirteen years Volcano has produced work which ranges from the adaptation of classic texts to the production of new material generated from within the company. Volcanos reputation for producing high-quality, haunting and provocative physical theatre has made it one of the most challenging and unpredictable companies working in Britain. The objective has always been to confront the complacent, overthrow the orthodox and challenge the conservative.


Volcano's Artistic Director Fern Smith, along with long-time Volcano associate Gill Lyon, have just returned from a two-week teaching residency in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Gill is a state-registered Dramatherapist, and we were able to offer a Dramatherapy workshop alongside the physical theatre classes. "I enjoyed everything and am very grateful to British Council and Volcano Theatre for these unforgettable days", said one of the participants. We hope to return before too long.

In partnership with DACE and Amman Valley Enterprise, Volcano presented a Voice workshop last month in Ammanford, led by the inspiring teacher and performer Frankie Armstrong. Entitled "The Right to Speak", the workshop concentrated on exploring the voice and developing confidence through vocal expression. Those who work with Frankie invariably want to work with her again, and we hope to offer more workshops, led by her and by other leading voice practitioners, as soon as possible. Keep an eye on the news page for more of the same.

For those more interested in movement and dance, our colleagues at the Centre for Performance Research are bringing Wim Vandekeybus's renowned company Ultima Vez to Swansea to lead a workshop at Swansea Institute on 28 & 29 February. In this workshop participants will explore and confront the company's energetic vocabulary through floorwork, "partner" and "contact" work, and movement as a 'theatrical act' rather than as a 'technique'. The Ultima Vez workshops are open to dancers and/or actors or people with training in other physical disciplines. Outrageously good value at 50 (25 discounts). For more info, or to book a place, call CPR on 01970 622133.

ROMEO & JULIET (An independent inquiry)

The company is currently planning an unusual new version of Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet, to tour the UK in the Autumn.

Known previously for deconstructive adaptations of the Sonnets and Macbeth, Volcano now turns its attention to this sprawling and unruly romantic tragedy.

Although (rightly) thought of as a love story, Romeo & Juliet is also a story set within the context of a long and bitter feud - a Hate Story. Volcano will present a contemporary hate/love story, drawing parallels with latter-day ill-fated lovers and the squabbling of powerful interests over their not-so-private affairs.

Shakespeare's language in Romeo & Juliet is at its most diverse. Volcano's Romeo & Juliet will follow and extend these innovations, exploiting language in all its diversity: it will be funny, crude, dangerous, banal, sublime and beautiful, devastating and deceitful.

An excessive, experimental show with video, kissing and fighting.


is a new play about the plight of Middle Management in Wales, by controversial Welsh playwright Dic Edwards. If all goes according to plan, we will workshop Welshing later this year, and this will culminate in a new production. Dic's recent work includes the libretto of an extraordinary opera entitled Manifest Destiny, the story of a would-be suicide bomber who wants to avenge her Palestinian father's death but ends up in US custody at Guantanamo Bay. Find out more at

brief history
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Founded in 1987, Volcano is a national and international touring company committed to a strong audience base in Wales and also to representing the best of Welsh theatre all over the world. Most recently, the company has toured its acclaimed Macbeth Directors Cut to Dublin and Cork, and to the prestigious Festival Internacional De Teatro Clasico De Almagro in Spain. Macbeth Directors Cut has also been performed at festivals in Greece, Moscow and Slovakia.

The year 2000 saw a UKwide tour of Paul Davies new play Moments of Madness, and also a revival of The Town That Went Mad which was performed at the Homus Novus festival in Riga, Latvia, and also in Kosovo and Albania.

Volcano was the first European theatre company to be formally invited to the region after the conflict with Serbia.The companys educational projects in 2000 included two Summer Schools in Swansea, funded by an Arts for All lottery grant supported by the Swansea Grand Theatre and the Green Futures Eco-Fest. Both Summer Schools culminated in public performances.
selected past productions
rhai cynhyrchiadau'r gorffenol
Talk Sex Show

Private Lives Noel Coward

1999 2000
Macbeth: Directors Cut directed by Nigel Charnock, text by Shakespeare.
Moments of Madness by Paul Davies, directed by Fern Smith.
The Town That Went Mad, A bastard Welsh lyric directed by Davies, Smith & Jones.

Time of My Life by Alan Ayckbourn. Directed by Paul Davies
After the Orgy directed by Paul Davies and Fern Smith
future plans
cynlluniau at y dyfodol
Thomas Bernhard's End of the Road working title, directed by the acclaimed Kathryn Hunter, will premier in Edinburgh in 2001.
This show will tour in the UK and internationally.
Volcano is planning a coproduction with renowned theatre company GRAEAE of Bernhards A Party for Boris, starring Kathryn Hunter and directed by Marcello Magni.

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