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India Dance Wales

Highmead House
52 Mill Road, Lisvane
CF14 0XS

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Kiran Ratna
Jennifer Isaacs - Project Manager/Administrator
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All over Britain there is a vastly growing interest in Indian Dance. Bharata Natyam is internationally one of the most popular styles of Indian Dance. As Wales' only professional company in this field, India Dance Wales has a great reputation. Since the foundation of the company in 1983, the pioneering spirit of the company has created innovative and challenging work based on Classical Indian Dance involving other art forms such as storytelling and visual art. The Company places great importance on providing the audience and the community at large with good quality work, which is accessible to all. The aim is to maintain authenticity while exploring contemporary ideas crossing cultural boundaries and providing an unforgettable experience for all.
brief history
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India Dance Wales was formerly known as the Kiran Ratna Company. Its pioneering spirit has created innovative and challenging performances, classes and workshops, enchanting audiences and students with the art of classical Indian dance, music, storytelling and visual art. Artistic Director Kiran Ratna has recently won a lifetime achievement award from leading UK Asian arts organisation Milapfest for her dedication and commitment to this unique dance style.
selected past productions
rhai cynhyrchiadau'r gorffenol
Colours of Life (2009) is inspired by the writings of Indian mystic and spiritual teacher Osho, whose teachings have had a notable impact on Western New Age thought. The production offers a thought provoking outlook on life today and explores the stages each human being encounters in a lifetime. With innovative and fresh combination of Carnatic (South Indian Classical) and Western music and expressive narration, the artists combine their talents to present an experience which is both touching and unforgettable.

Dance Variations A breathtaking combination of Bharata Natyam, Kuchipudi and folk dancing, Dance Variations explores the powerful world of mythology and bringing gods to life. With recorded music.

Kalidasa (2007) An authentic classical performance inspired by Kalidasa, the most outstanding writer of classical Sanskrit.

Natya Kala (2006) Natya Kala is inspired by past collaborative work between India Dance Wales and the BBC National Orchestra of Wales. By bringing together these cultural worlds, Natya Kala achieves a fusion of melody, rhythm and movement. Western instruments take up patterns of traditional Indian Ragas, whilst maintaining the key elements of classical Western music.

Evoking Rasa (2004) - A combination of classical dance and storytelling with modern visual techniques developed in collaboration with BBC Wales.

Tempest (2002) - An exploration of two classics: Shakespeare and Bharata Natyam.

Puranic Visions (2000) Ultra Violet visual imagery depicting the never-ending cycle of creation from the ancient books of the Puranas.

Kalighat Icons (1999) collaboration with the National Museum and Gallery of Wales based on Kalighat paintings.

Mahabharata Mabinogion (1998) Combines the Indian Mahabharata and the Welsh legends from the Mabinogion.

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