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TO Jill  Greenhalgh
Since 1986 Jill Greenhalgh has been the Artistic Director of The Magdalena Project (International Network of Women in Contemporary Theatre) an organisation which she founded in order to bring greater focus to THE under represented area of original work by independent women theatre makers. The success of the Project resulted in 10 years of continuous revenue funding from the Arts Council in Wales and a significant presence in many countries outside the UK. As director of the Magdalena Project Jill Greenhalgh has produced a wide spectrum of international theatre projects allowing her a unique perspective on the diversity of contemporary practice and the privilege of collaborating with hundreds of independent theatre makers from many different cultural and political contexts. Her work has also allowed her to travel extensively throughout the world and she has a particular and lasting attachment to theatre in both Latin America. DELETE AND NEW ZEALAND.

The Project has always acknowledged the importance of pedagogical work with regard to the support of the emergent generation of young theatre makers.

In recent years, Jill Greenhalgh has become interested in expanding her personal involvement in teaching in the belief that she has accumulated a body of knowledge of methods of both the creation of original works and strategies for artistic survival which I feel should be passed on.

She has taught theatre and led work in varied contexts across the globe and is invited often to international theatre conferences to present her work and the work of the Magdalena Project and to collaborate with organisations wishing to stage Magdalena Festivals.


She is married with two daughters and live on the west coast of rural Wales

She is currently:

teaching at the University of Wales Aberystwyth, developing an international performance PROJECT COLLABORATING WITH PERFORMERS AND PRODUCERS. TO DATE 8 VERSIONS OF THE PROJECT HAVE BEEN COMPLETED IN yUGOLSLAVIA, DENMARK, AUSTRALIA, COLOMBIA, NEW YORK, under the title of Water[war]s. and collaborating as director with Nomad Theatre Spain on their latest performance. LAS SIN TIERRA - 7 ATTEMPTED CROSSINGS OF THE STRAITS OF GIBRALTER

Before founding the Magdalena Project in '86 she was a full time member of the Cardiff laboratory Theatre (79-86) and performed and worked in collaboration to create all the main productions and special events of this period which toured extensively and continuously throughout Europe and the UK . Jill Greenhalgh also co-directed a number of the companies productions and had the good fortune to learn from and collaborate with: The Odin Teatret (Denmark) , Grotowski's Laboratorium(Poland), Akademie Ruchu (Poland), Roy Hart Theatre (France), PICCOLO Teatro di Pontederra (Italy), Frankie Armstrong (UK) among others ? engaged as an arts mentor for Cultural Enterprise Services in Cardiff Wales ? developing a new international performance under the title of Water[war]s. ? and collaborating as director with Nomad Theatre Spain on their latest performance.

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