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The Articulate Practitioner - Articulating Practice     

THE MAGDALENA PROJECT International Network of Women in Contemporary Theatre and PERFORMANCE STUDIES University of Wales, Aberystwyth


The Articulate Practitioner - Articulating Practice
July 18th - 22nd 2005

an international forum addressing the nexus between theory and practice in contemporary performance.

The Magdalena Project, founded in Wales in 1986, is a dynamic international network, providing a space for women's performance work and a platform for critical investigation.

This international forum of performance makers and scholars will offer a 4 day programme of performance, lectures, presentations, and artist-led workshops. Confronting the language divides between scholarship and artistic production, the aim is to create an intellectual meeting ground of ideas, words and works that challenge what it means to 'articulate' practice.

The intention is to identify, reveal, develop and record vocabularies that might be useful, to both practitioner and scholar, in the development of an understanding of the processes engaged in the making of effective performance; performance intended for, and surviving within, the public domain.

For full details of the programme, contributors and booking details:

Contributing Artists & Scholars include:

Julia Varley [Den]
Diana Taylor [USA]
Margaret Cameron [Aus]
Susan Melrose [UK]
Eddie Ladd [Wales]
Claire MacDonald [UK]
Cristina Castrillo [Arg]
Carol Brown [UK]
Deborah Hay [USA]
Dijana Milosevic [Serb]
Raquel Carrio [Cuba]
Heike Roms [Wales]
Julie Robson [Aus]
Silvia Pritz [Arg]
Roxana Pineda [Cuba]
Sibylle Peters [Ger]
Karoline Gritzner [Wales]
Gilla Cremer [Ger]
Zoe Christiansen [Nor]
Rosa Casado [Spain]
Geddy Aniksdal [Nor]
Dawn Albinger [Aus]
Gilly Adams [Wales]
Maggie Gale [UK]
Carran Waterfield [UK]

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