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100 Years in Boxes: As Worlds Fall Apart     

100 Years in Boxes: As Worlds Fall Apart A performance/ installation created and directed by Richard Gough

While stands the Coliseum, Aberystwyth shall stand;
When falls the Coliseum, Aberystwyth shall fall;
And when Aberystwyth falls -- the world.

(After Childe Harold's Pilgrimage by Lord Byron,)

The Colosseum of ancient Rome is in ruins today but its former glory can still be imagined. The Coliseum of contemporary Aberystwyth is glorious and celebrates its first centenary but its ruins can still be imagined.

In the Colosseum contests were staged between gladiators and between people and animals and the vast arena could be flooded for mock sea battles. In the Coliseum today miniature skirmishes, like fights and dance, take place between people and objects and for these two evenings of 100 Years in Boxes: As Worlds Fall Apart, the secret life of objects is revealed, the cabinets are opened, chaos unfolds.

Taking the centenary both as thematic springboard and celebratory focus, this unusual event will be part-installation, part-promenade and part-performance; a fabulous, partially-edible installation, responding to the spaces, exhibitions and displays of the Ceredigion Museum.

100 Years in Boxes: As Worlds Fall Apart will inhabit and subvert the corridors and galleries of the museum, stirring the dark waters of the past and creating a 'ghost train' of hauntings and evocations; a promenade through the Coliseum, encountering fragments, figments and absences, taking inspiration from the world of surrealist artist Joseph Cornell.

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