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3d Theatre Company presents a series of plays by new Welsh writers     

3d Theatre Company presents a series of plays by new Welsh writers 3D Theatre Company returns to the Chapter with their new production, ‘Zufall’. (‘Zufall’ is a German word meaning ‘by chance’). Here we have six original short plays, six sets of cast and six weeks to complete everything!

The production is a bilingual activity over four nights between 29 April and 2 May. The first two nights present the Welsh language dramas and the last two nights present the English dramas.

The production is supported by the Arts Council of Wales and on this occasion, 3D Theatre Company looks at a subject that has caused considerable confusion to humanity over the centuries: fate and destiny. The question explored is are our lives steered by chance or total fortuity?

In an attempt to answer this complex question, the company has been working with the next generation of young Welsh writers to produce short plays that deal with the themes of coincidence and the paranormal.

With renowned actors including Olwen Medi and Ieuan Rhys there’s something here for everyone. From ‘Lle Bu Dau’ by Lleucu Sion, the Short Play that was victorious at the Urdd Eisteddfod in Carmarthenshire in 2007, which asks the question, ‘Is is possible to change the future with one conversation?’ to ‘Mr Perffaith’ by the author and the documentary drama writer for S4C and ITV1 Wales, Joanna Davies, which explores two young people’s comic quest for love. Is it fate or chance that leads you to your perfect partner?

Things turn spooky in Hannah Wyn Jones’ play, ‘Spirit’, when a visit to the spiritualist leads to a fundamental change to the lives of three individuals. Whilst continuing with the paranormal theme, there is a twist in Llinos Mai and Mark Wiliams’ drama, ‘It’s What He Would Have Wanted’, that discusses what happens when you die and refuse to escape to the other world.

In ‘Cefnau a Chynffonnau’ (a translation of ‘Cocks and Tales’ by Alastair Sill), you will be guided to the oppressive world of the nine to five where a team of administrators, for once, have a day to remember.

In ‘Richard Parker’ the theme of coincidence is explored. Do we live in a world where coincidence is reality or is it all chance? Richard Parker soon discovers the shocking truth.

3D was established in the summer of 2003 at Aberystwyth University by three friends who shared the same interest and enthusiasm for one thing – the theatre.

Nia Wyn Jones from Aberdaron, Hannah Wyn Jones from Colwyn Bay and Catrin Wyn Jones from Llanelli. Good friends, and now business partners.

Catrin, 26, and ‘Pobol y Cwm’ Assistant Editor explained the ethos of the company:

“When we graduated from the University of Wales Aberystwyth in 2003, many of our friends and fellow students started rock groups, and were asked to hold gigs on a frequent basis. We thought, why couldn’t we be part of something creative? Why is it that rock groups of all standards have a platform and an audience in Wales, but not theatre groups? We thought that drama was similar to a gig. A night out to enjoy – that’s what people want!”

Thanks to support from organisations such as Entrepreneur Action, the Arts Council of Wales and Cardiff Chapter Art Centre, the company is going from strength to strength. So if you want a night to remember, go along to the Chapter between 29 April-2 May and enjoy the ‘Zufall’ plays – your fate awaits you!
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