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Ammanford Miners’ Theatre Hosts A ‘Legend’     

Ammanford Miners’ Theatre Hosts A ‘Legend’ A wild boar with poisonous bristles, carrying a pair of scissors, comb and razor on his head is about to drop into Ammanford Miners’ Theatre, Saturday June 14 - but fear not, this strange wild animal hasn’t escaped from a zoo, he’s the cursed son of Prince Tared in Ammanford Junior Gateway’s production of pantomime production of The Legend Of Twrch Trwyth.

Based on Culhwch And Olwen fron The Mabinogion, The Legend Of Twrch Trwyth is also considered to be one of the first Arthurian romances. Prince Culhwch has fallen in love with the beautiful Olwen, but they can only marry after the prince has completed a huge list of tasks demanded by Olwen’s father Ysbaddaden, king of the giants. One of the seemingly impossible tasks is to catch the boar and bring back the comb and scissors to cut Ysbaddaden’s hair. It’s a highly dangerous task, especially since Twrch is covered with deadly silver bristles. Will Prince Culhwch finally win his bride? Will the wild boar Twrch survive the hunt – and more importantly, will the king of the giants get his hair cut?

This performance launches Mencap’s annual Learning Disability Week campaign in the local community, spotlighing the theme of respect. Members of staff, volunteers and young people belonging to AJG’s Purple Dragon and Active Dragon clubs will be performing in the play that will feature characters from the legend, as well from The Wizard of Oz and the Shrek movie trilogy.

Tickets, priced £5 and £3, are available from the box office: 0845 226 3508/09/10

All proceeds will go to both Mencap’s Lesotho Project and Paul Pugh’s Rehabilitation Fund.

More information on this event, Learning Disability Week 2008 and AJG’s other events and activities, visit AJG’s new blog spot: and website:
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