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Rwandan genocide survivors travel to Wales to tell children about 'Africa's Hope'     

Rwandan genocide survivors travel to Wales to tell children about 'Africa's Hope' The Aegis Trust and Ethiopian Airlines have joined forces to bring Rwandan theatre company Mashirika to the UK to premiere their latest performance piece, "Africa's Hope". Among the performers are survivors and refugees who lost family in the 1994 Rwandan Genocide.

The play tackles the implications and consequences of prejudice, discrimination and genocide. It also shows how Rwandans are working to rebuild their country. "Africa's Hope" will premiere in the Princess Royal Theatre in Port Talbot, Wales, this Thursday.

In between public performances, the cast and creative team behind "Africa's Hope" will travel across the country working with schools, sixth forms and community groups to promote diversity and social cohesion within communities.

In Port Talbot, students from Glan Afan Comprehensive School will get the chance to see Mashirika perform and to ask questions about the show and the Rwandan genocide.

Former UK Prime Minister, Tony Blair endorsed the tour and said, "Mashirika are an inspiration to us all."

International Development Minister, Gillian Merron MP agreed, "Mashirika was founded out of the ashes of genocide and uses performance to challenge the dangers of racism and intolerance. Mashirika gives more than a performance. These young people tell an inspiring story of survival and hope."

Cast member Simon Iyarwema says, "Through dance, we help to communicate to the world what happened in Rwanda. I am very happy to visit the UK and use theatre to communicate the message that genocide happened and is still happening today in other parts of the world."

Mashirika will be performing at the Princess Royal Theatre. Port Talbot at 13:30pm and 15:30pm
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