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Figures In A Landscape     

The last three weeks have been a highly creative and exciting time for thirty young people in Pembrokeshire. They have all been involved in the first Pembrokeshire Summer Drama School. Set up as a partnership between Pembrokeshire County Council and The Torch Theatre, this has given opportunities for young people to learn about all aspects of making theatre. Offered to all the secondary in the county the course has been able to bring together young people from different areas of the county who get little opportunity to work and socialise together, having a common interest.

Using comedy, drama, dance, song, video and soundscapes, the group has devised a performance with directors Andy Greenhouse / Louse Bennett that maps Welsh Identity as they see it. What they have come up with is ‘figures in a landscape’ a show full of surprises, laughter, tears and – of course – controversy.

<i>The various workshops and openness of the theme has allowed us to examine the values of other cultures whilst re-examining the topical notion of Welsh culture</i>
[Jamie Fitzgerald, Performer]

The course set out to explore the possibilities of devising a non-naturalistic physical/imagistic performance which has been strong strand of Welsh Theatre since the early 1970&#8217;s, with groups as diverse as Moving Being, Brith Gof, Volcano, Arad Goch and The Cardiff Laboratory Theatre. The group has had specialist workshops with Mary-Anne Roberts, a well-known actress at The Torch Theatre &#8211; Su Chu Lu, an expert on Peking Opera, based at Aberystwyth University.

<i>It has been a fantastic opportunity for young actors in Pembrokeshire and I am so glad I have not missed out on it. It was easily as good as working with The National Youth Theatre of Wales last year.</i>
[Susie Roberts, Performer]

The young people on the technical part of the course have worked with Alison Smith and Mathew Davis, from The Torch Theatre&#8217;s regular team, as well as local sculptor Richard James. They have had the opportunity to develop a working knowledge of lighting and sound systems, stage management and design. On the night they will have total control of all technical aspects of the performance and hopefully return to their schools with new skills.

Pembrokeshire County Council and The Torch Theatre have to be congratulated for their vision in providing such an opportunity for young people.

<i>I've enjoyed the experience and would love the opportunity to be involved in the Summer School next year.</i>
[Emily Cook, Technician]

<b>FIGURES IN A LANDSCAPE will be performed from Thursday 6 to Saturday 8 September. Tickets &#8211; priced at £5.50 (£3.50 discounts) &#8211; are available from The Torch Theatre box office (tel: 01646 695 267).</b>
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Jane Evans
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