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New artistic director for Theatr Gwynedd     

Theatr Gwynedd have announced that an Rowlands has been appointed as new Artistic Director of Cwmni Theatr Gwynedd.

He said today: "We are at an important juncture in the development of welsh theatre. I am confident that Theatr Gwynedd has a key role to play in that process.

I am very pleased to have been appointed artistic director of Theatr Gwynedd whilst also being the Artistic Co-ordinator of Bara Caws. Through uniteing the two companies at an artistic level it will be possible to co-operate on all levels in order to raise standards and create strategies for the future. This was the original vision behind the 'Pwerdy' (the proposal by the Arts Council of Wales to set up a welsh language National Theatre Company - more details elswhere on this site).

Through my appointment the first important step towards realising this vision has now been taken

Some say that Welsh language theatre is dead. I refuase to beleive this. Admittedly it is in a very parlous state, but it is not dead yet. Now is the time to reassess outdtated ways of working. We have to change if we want to see a healthy Welsh language theatre of the highest standard in the future.

I believe that Wesh language theatre must operate in a climate of honesty and generosity. Recently it has tended to be defensive and inward looking dut to the uncertainty concerning the future. My hope is to attract new blood and ideas into the theatre in order to revitalise and create an exciting theatre relevant to the whole of Wales.

Theatre has the power to influence the course of communities and nations. Consider Ireland, the Czech Republi or South Arica. Welsh theatre has the potential to contrbute towards the national consciousness of the new Wales.

Naturally I expect that Theatr Gwynedd, the national stage, in conjunction with Bara Caws, the main community company. will have a key role to play in such a development

My main focus wil be audience rejuvenation for Welsh language theatre, for without an audience there would be no theatre. My aim for Theatr Gwynedd is to reach out to its audience, listen to them and co-operate with them in order to create work that is both relevant and excites the community which it serves.

These days, theatre companies and cultures can no longer work in a vacuum. I hope to place both Theatr Gwynedd and Bara Caws in a broader context, not only through collaborative ventures with other theatres and companies in Wales, either through through the medium of Welsh or English, but to create international partnerships. It is imperative that the welsh language theatre grows and gains confidence to initiate cross cultural dialogues if it is to survive.

<b>Theatr Gwynedd, The National Stage</b>, should lead the way"
Cwmni Theatr Gwynedd  
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