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Hattie Rainbow - new online drama launches     

Hattie Rainbow - new online drama launches Hippy commune, virgin, kooky musician- it’s Hatty Rainbow!

From this day on, things are going to change- she’s leaving the commune and going to University and she’s blogging it all- the excitement, the wonder, the fright and the loneliness. She’s out of her comfort zone and she’s desperate for a friend, a companion, anyone!.......will it be you?

Hatty Rainbow’s upbringing wasn’t exactly conventional. Cummune pow-pows, naked dancing and outside toilets. An exciting life for anyone that’s at one with nature but unfortunately for Hatty she hates dirt and the outdoors. Her parents, born and raised in the commune, love her dearly but are difficulties connecting with her. Even more so now that she has decided to go to university and live in a dorm with central heating- their idea of hell!

Hatty arrives to find a city full of happy, excited party-loving students. The only problem is, they don’t seem to notice her. She does her best to fit in but dancing alone at the Students Union isn't that much fun.

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