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Thanks to Wales Arts International (WAI), a partnership between the Arts Council of Wales (ACW) and the British Council, artists from Wales are set to take part in a two-week festival in New York from 14 - 28 October 2001.

The UK with NY festival will stage a huge range of events to showcase the best of Britain today, and will include a celebration of Welsh achievements in the arts.

Although the festival was initially intended as a major tourist and trade event, ACW and the British Council now stress that the focus will be on the arts components from Wales and the rest of the UK.

Referring to the events of 11 September 2001, Co-Director of Wales Arts International Tony Deyes says “This is a real opportunity to demonstrate how the arts can reach across divisions and distress, and in particular to confirm cutting edge quality of the arts from Wales and their relevance on a world stage.”

Activity will largely be concentrated in and around the Manhattan area, and in particular, its Chelsea district.

Linda Lees, British Council representative in New York said “What we have in our artists is a representation of the ‘real Wales’. I am confident this image will be easy to identify in New York where the cultural market is very well developed and is always searching for something new.”

The festival will cover a wide range of contemporary arts, and although a UK-wide event, the British Council is keen to secure a strong presence of Wales-based artists.

Judith Garrow, International Projects Officer at ACW says “Wales Arts International aims to maximise long term benefits for Wales and Wales-based artists from this whole project. The festival itself is aimed at raising the UK’s profile in America and on changing the traditional perceptions of what Wales represents. Here is an opportunity to portray Wales as a vibrant and talented nation, where quality and innovation in the arts is stronger than ever.

“One of WAI’s wider aims for this project is to renew existing relationships and develop new working partnerships between artists and organisations from Wales and America,” she said.

<B> Performing in New York are</B>

Eddie Ladd&#8217;s solo dance/theatre/multi-media production based around the theme of Brian de Palma&#8217;s 1983 classic film of the same name. HERE Mainstage 11,12,13,18,19,20 October

<b>Bed of Roses </b>
Slaughterhouse Lounge
A unique &#8220;cabaret for heavy thinkers&#8221; with a film noir, speakeasy feel. Sharp stand-up comedy, sleazy live music, satire and poetry, stories of being on the road, bad hotels, mutant cousins, sexual tension, jealousy and bad diet.
HERE Mainstage 11,12,13,18,19, 20 October

<b>Saturday Night Forever </b>
The Sherman Theatre&#8217;s production of Roger William&#8217;s one-man play.
HERE Mainstage 15,16, 17 October

<b>Sleeping With Mickey</b>
Helen Griffin performs a shortened version of Frank Vickery&#8217;s play. Vanderbilt Hall, Grand Central Station 17 October, 12-2:30pm

<b>Patrick Jones, Helen Griffin & Roger Williams</b>
Discussions on contemporary English and Welsh language drama from Wales with Patrick Jones, Helen Griffin and Roger Williams.
Tisch School of Arts, New York University
19 October, 2pm

<b>Different Lights</b>
John Metcalfe/Enrico Cocco/Guto Puw, Brendan Burns, Mary Lloyd Jones & Elfyn Lewis

Paintings to be heard and music to be seen. A theatrical performance piece combining, through light and movement, abstract paintings by three Welsh artists and contemporary music by two contemporary Welsh and one Italian composers.

Angel Orensanz Foundation Center for the Arts
25, 26 & 28 October

<b>Fresh Kills</b>
Sean O&#8217;Reilly
A sound sculpture and installation (including the composing of a short soundpiece especially for radio) by Sean O&#8217;Reilly to commemorate the closure of the Fresh Kills landfill site. A collaboration with Snug Harbor Cultural Center, Staten Island.
Staten Island landfill site
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