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National Theatre Wales is inviting proposals from across Wales for its next Assembly, to determine where in Wales it should be held, and what subject it should examine.

Assembly is a one-off performance/debate event that responds to a local or global issue in a creative setting, leaving space during the performance for the audience to debate and react to its subject matter. In the company’s first year, Assemblies were held in pubs, empty shops, disused banks, marquees, bus stations and ice-cream parlours, and led to the creation of a radio station in Barmouth, and a filmmakers’ club in Prestatyn. In its second year, eight creative projects were made in four areas – south, mid, north and west Wales. Proposals were submitted by members of the public, and a shortlist of three ideas were put to an online vote. The favoured project was then given the green light. In its third year, the Assemblies were linked to the company’s residencies, including the first ever international NTW Assembly in Tokyo in April.

On 29th March 2013, National Theatre Wales will stage the first Assembly of its fourth year, and is asking the public to choose what the subject should be, where the Assembly should be held and who should be involved.

Once the winning bid is announced, the Assembly team will spend up to two weeks in the chosen location, devising a relevant performance. This performance will be used as a provocation for the audience, a ‘jumping-off point’ to instigate debate. The team will work with local creative people and community members to ensure that the event has a local and national reach, and create tasks and pose questions for the audience to encourage participation.

Some material and the debate will also exist online, with content being created and released on the internet in the days leading up to the Assembly, enabling a wider conversation. The Assembly may also be livestreamed over the internet, generating a larger audience.

Creative Associate Gavin Porter said: "I'm intrigued and excited by the prospect of the first National Theatre Wales Assembly of 2014. It's such a blank canvas at this stage, and I can't wait to see what burning issues are waiting to be debated, by who and where in Wales."

How To Apply
Please send us your proposal (200 words max.) outlining your idea. Think about the following questions:
Who are you? Are you applying as a group, or an individual?
What is the issue you are hoping to address?
Where will the project take place?
What would you like to see happen as a result of the Assembly?

Along with your 200 words, you can also attach any other materials you think might be relevant, e.g. video/images/audio etc.

Send your ideas to:

Gavin Porter
Creative Associate
National Theatre Wales
30 Castle Arcade
CF10 1BW

or email

Can I apply as an individual?
Yes, we welcome ideas from individuals, groups or companies. We will tailor our support to the winning Assembly idea.

What if I have an idea but no venue or anywhere to put on an event?
That is fine - the more unusual the location, the better. The Assembly team will help to find
solutions to any problems with location or other issues.

How will the development time work? Does my group need to be available the whole time?
The group doesn’t necessarily need to be available for the whole period, but this will depend on how much involvement you would like in the final event.

Can I speak to someone before applying, to get some more information?
Yes, it is highly recommended that you speak with someone before sending through an idea. Please contact Gavin Porter, Creative Associate at National Theatre Wales, at

What if I have a question you haven't answered here?
Just get in touch! Contact Gavin Porter, Creative Associate at National Theatre Wales, at
National Theatre Wales  
web site
Gavin Porter
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