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Homo Irrationalis at Aberystwyth Arts Centre     

Homo Irrationalis at Aberystwyth Arts Centre
7.30pm, Wednesday 4 November 2015

Karol Cysewski tours his new funny and physical work in Wales, after last year's sell out show, Wonders of The Universe (The Guardian/ four star review).
Homo Irrationalis by Karol Cysewski is performed at Aberystwyth Arts Centre on the 4th of November 2015 as part of a tour.
Performed by three smart yet idiotic male dancers, Homo Irrationalis is a physical and funny mission to discover if we are still wise and intelligent Homo Sapiens, or are we becoming Homo Irrationalis, displaying ever more erratic and irrational behaviours.
Homo Irrationalis (Latin: “irrational human”) is a recently discovered new branch of the current dominant species Homo Sapiens (Latin: “wise human”). Through evolutionary adaptation, Homo Irrationalis beings have lost the ability to be sapient (thinking or wise), and so are locked into ever more erratic, unexplainable and irrational behaviours.

Three brilliant and unconventional researchers invite you to join a presentation on the evolutionary development of Homo Irrationalis. Through movement, projection and irreverent humour, they will take you on a journey from single cell organisms to “thinking human” and beyond. The aim is to examine the nature and degree of saturation of Homo Irrationalis within the population. Research suggests this new species could make Homo Sapiens extinct by the end of this century.

Are you one of these new hominoid beings, or are you still sapient? Is Homo Irrationalis a progressive or regressive evolutionary development? And are the researchers themselves still “wise humans”, or have they too become “irrational” beings?

To book contact Aberystwyth Arts Centre ticket office on 01970 62 32 32 or go online

Further information about the show can be found on this link:
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