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Aberystwyth Arts Centre Bubble Schmeisis Wednesday 6 December     

Aberystwyth Arts Centre
Bubble Schmeisis 
Wednesday 6 December In East London's last remaining bath house writer and performer Nick Cassenbaum finds what he's looking for and now he's touring around the country to tell you all about it with a show at Aberystwyth Arts Centre on Wednesday 6 December.

Bubbemeises is Yiddish for grandmother's, a tall story, an old wives' tale. A schvitz is a Jewish steam bath where old men go to wash, relax, complain and rejuvenate, to exchange jokes and gossip and to swap bubbemeisis.

Writer and street performer Nick Cassenbaum has been trying to make sense of his Jewish identity ever since he was a young boy. He tried everything - going to Spurs, summer camps, barbershops, religion even. All alas, to no avail.

It wasn't until his blind grandfather took him to the schvitz in Canning Town, East London that he found what he was looking for. Here men enact the ancient washing ritual of schmeissing, and, as he lay naked being schmeissed by his grandfather, he knew he had found what he was looking for, but above all, he knew he had to make a show about it.

'Effortlessly charming and infectiously funny, Bubble Schmeisis is everything you'd want from a show' Three Weeks

In Bubble Schmeisis Nick and his accompanying klezmer musicians invite you to join them as they conjure the enveloping warmth of this last remaining authentic steam bath house in East London. Amongst the steam and ritual Nick will take you with him as he embarks on a journey schlepping through memories of the milestones in his life when he questioned but also celebrated aspects of his heritage to find the place where he belongs. It's about Nick finding his identity and wanting to keep the spirit of the steam baths alive, giving an up-close insight into a community that is fading and a folk history of a once vibrant culture.

A hit with critics and audiences at the 2016 Edinburgh Festival, Bubble Schmeisis is full of intimate and personal true stories about identity, home and getting washed by old men. The show will strike a chord with anyone who looks to investigate their past to understand their present.

'A gregarious performer (with) an accessible, generous, disarming production' The Stage

'It's just a place that's all about sitting together,' said Nick of the Schvitz. 'It's a place of where men talk freely and frankly. It's the only place where I really felt some kind of identity - it felt like home. Now I'm really excited to be taking it out to new audiences. I invite them onto the stage with me for playful interactions so the show changes depending on how those people respond, leaving no two performances the same.'

Nick Cassenbaum is a storyteller, street performer and theatre maker. His theatre work has always focused on the way we interact with places and spaces and what that can tell us about ourselves. 'I try to make stories as accessible as possible. I am interested in breaking the convention of theatre where the audience sit quietly, I get them up on stage and hopefully make them feel so comfortable that if they want to talk to me during the show...they can.'

Bubble Schmeisis is directed by Danny Braverman who won critical acclaim at the Edinburgh Festival with his one-man show, Wot? No Fish!!

Tickets are available from the Arts Centre Box Office on 01970 62 32 32 or online at
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