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Family Dance Festival 2018March 24 to April 14, 2018     

Family Dance Festival 2018March 24 to April 14, 2018 • Free Easter holiday events, featuring four short performances and a chance to dance

• Come and find out what got Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s toes tapping at the recent visit to Wales

• Coming to Cardiff, Caernarfon, Newtown, Barry, Llanelli, Milford Haven and Brecon

• Audio Described performances with Touch Tours and taster workshops in both English and Welsh language.

Cardiff-based arts organisations Bombastic and Coreo Cymru, are collaborating on a family dance event which will tour across Wales to eight venues this Easter. Three leading Welsh dance companies, Bombastic, Gary and Pel and Jukebox Collective, plus local dance groups will perform in a jam-packed hour of pop up dance that is fun, funky and fabulous for your festive feet.

Being performed three times a day in Cardiff, Caernarfon, Newtown, Barry, Llanelli, Milford Haven and Brecon, the free event is suitable for all ages and includes audio described shows in both Welsh and English with accompanying touch tours plus a chance to dance in a short workshop taking place straight after the show. The second show each day will have a workshop led in the media of Welsh by Cêt Haf, (S4C’s Nansi in Follow M). Full listing details below.

Take the kids and watch their eyes light up as they see amazing dancers twisting & turning, locking & popping, and be inspired to join in and learn a few new moves that you have just seen.

Carole Blade, Creative Producer of Coreo Cymru and mum of two, set up the event during 2017 to increase young people’s access to different forms of dance. Carole Says, "The feedback we received from audiences during our pilot programme, hosted in partnership with National Dance Company Wales, was a true testament that dance can be enjoyed by all, young and old. It inspired us to develop the programme further by presenting at more venues, either in their foyers or outdoor spaces and are delighted to be offering a platform for young dancers to perform alongside the professionals.”

Bombastic Artistic Director, Sean Tuan John, said, “Bombastic are excited and thrilled to be co-hosting the 2nd Family Dance Festival touring around Wales this Easter. Families can expect a one hour programme of diverse, humorous, inter-active and delightfully energetic works that are suitable for the whole family to enjoy. This exciting event is completely free to families, thanks to the support of our partners and touring venues, and you can also get the first chance to see our brand new piece 'wallflowers’.”

The programme organisers including Wales Millennium Centre, Chapter and Memo Arts Centre will host a training event for audio describers linked to an industry seminar as part of their aim to remove barriers and attract a diverse range of audiences to dance.

Dr Louise Fryer, Audio Description expert and the Festival training mentoring, said, “I’m delighted that Bombastic and Coreo Cymru are using audio description to connect blind audiences in Wales with dance. The Family Dance Festival is about everyone having the chance to dance. Now that includes people with a visual impairment, too.”

Nick Capaldi, Chief Executive of Arts Council of Wales said: “These events, bursting with creativity, energy and fun, will give young people all over the country the opportunity to experience some of the best contemporary dance that Wales has to offer.”

Graeme Farrow, Wales Millennium Centre's Artistic and Creative Strategic Director said: “We are excited to welcome the festival back to the Centre to continue introducing new audiences to dance and to expand this year with the inclusion of audio description in both Welsh and English is exciting for all involved.”


Wallflowers from Bombastic

Wall Flowers, is Bombastic’s brand new show choreographed and performed by Sean Tuan John with dancers Rosalind Haf Brooks and Cêt Haf, (S4C’s Nansi in Follow M). A humorous part-promenade dance performance on the idea of ‘flower’ people that move swiftly and energetically from shy retiring ‘wallflowers’ to colourful exuberance. From ‘hiding’ in the space to moving increasingly closer and inter-acting with the audience until the final ‘blooming’ group happy dance. The performance fuses quirky, idiosyncratic dance with forms of humorous audience interaction and created to appeal to both children and adults.

CarCrash Wedding from Gary and Pel

Gary and Pel have just said “I do” and are driving off into the sunset… It’s the happiest day of their lives until their celebration takes a turn for the worse as their car breaks down in the middle of nowhere. What will the bizarre newlyweds do next? Expect wedding bells, chaos and laughter. A 10-minute live action cartoon escapade for all ages to enjoy, featuring slapstick humour and dynamic dance.

"Superb performance. Really clever and so funny. We were giggling the whole way through" - CarCrash Wedding - Swansea Dance Days

Drifter and Toy Soldier from Jukebox Collective

Jukebox Collective brings us world-class Hip Hop with BBC Young Dancer finalist Kate Morris’s goofy and charming solo Drifter. Plus, a playful duet made specially for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s visit to Wales, that is sure to have you bobbing along.


Bombastic is a dance, theatre and digital media company for young people based in south Wales.
They create bold, imaginative fantasy environments for children aged four to eleven which are fun and surprising, combining elements of fairy tale magic with contemporary social scenarios.

Gary and Pel is a live action cartoon company based in South Wales, mixing dance, slapstick physical comedy and Tom & Jerry combat. The concept created Alex Marshall Parsons has received commissioned by Coreo Cymru, Dance Shorts, Arts Council of Wales and recently by Agriculture Wales to create their latest work CarCrash Wedding.

Jukebox Collective is a leading creative company for street dance education and performance in the UK. Through its Academy of Performing Arts, it nurtures young talents and acts as an agent working with many well-known brands such as Virgin Media, Topshop and Levi’s. Its creative director Liara Barussi has 20 years’ experience of dance, choreography and mentoring dancers including for the BBC Young Dancer series.

Dance groups local to the venues on tour will also be adding something extra special to the show with a diverse range of dance styles and opportunities to see young talents doing their thing.


This is what audiences said about Family Dance Festival last year which was, hosted by Coreo Cymru in partnership with National Dance Company Wales:

“Mesmerising and wonderful performances by very talented dancers and performers. A wonderful event that was thoroughly enjoyed by all the family. Thank you very much!”

“Beautiful, funny, insightful”

“Exceeded expectations, a highlight of the Easter holidays!”

“Loved the short workshop at the end and the mix of styles and scenes.”

“A fantastic show - really exciting to show the children something they would never normally see! Thank you!”


CHAPTER, Cardiff
Sat 24 Sun 25 March @ 12:00 | 14:00 | 16:00
Audio Description on Sun 25 only @ 14:00 (Welsh) & 16:00 (English) with touch tours 15mins before show.

GALERI, Caernafon
Tues 27 March @ 12:00 | 14:00 | 16:00
Audio Description @ 14:00 (Welsh) & 16:00 (English) with touch tours 15mins before show.

HAFREN, Newtown
Wed 28 & Thur 29 March @ 12:00 | 14:00 | 16:00
Audio Description on Wed 28 only @ 14:00 (Welsh) & 16:00 (English) with touch tours 15mins before show.

Wed 4 April @ 12:00 | 14:00 | 16:00
Audio Description @ 14:00 (Welsh) & 16:00 (English) with touch tours 15mins before show.

FFWRNES, Llanelli
Thur 5 April @ 12:00 | 14:00 | 16:00
Audio Description @ 14:00 (Welsh) & 16:00 (English) with touch tours 15mins before show.

TORCH THEATRE, Milford Haven
Fri 6 April @ 12:00 | 14:00 | 16:00
Audio Description @ 14:00 (Welsh) & 16:00 (English) with touch tours 15mins before show.

Sat / Sad 7 & Sun 8 April @ 12:00 | 14:00 | 16:00
Audio Description on Sat 7 only @ 14:00 (Welsh) & 16:00 (English) with touch tours 15mins before show.

Wed 11 & Fri 13 April @ 10:30 | 12:30 | 14:30
Thur 12 & Sat 14 April @ 10:30 | 12:30 | 16:00
Audio Description on Sat 14 only @ 12:30 (Welsh) & 16:00 (English) with touch tours 15mins before show.
Gŵyl Ddawns i’r Teulu 2018
Mawrth 24 i Ebrill 14, 2018

• Digwyddiadau dawns yn rhad ac am ddim dros y Pasg - pedwar o berfformiadau byr a siawns i ddawnsio

• Dewch i ffeindio allan pam roedd traed y Tywysog Harri a Meghan Markle yn tapio yn ystod eu hymweliad diweddar â Chymru

• Byddwn yn glanio yng Nghaerdydd, Caernarfon, Y Drenewydd, Y Barri, Llanelli, Aberdaugleddau ac Aberhonddu

• Perfformiadau gyda Sain Ddisgrifiad a Theithiau Cyffwrdd a gweithdai trwy gyfrwng y Gymraeg a’r Saesneg.

Menter ar y cyd rhwng Bombastic a Coreo Cymru, dau sefydliad celfyddydol o Gaerdydd yw Gŵyl Ddawns i’r Teulu: Digwyddiad dawns cyffrous sy’n teithio i wyth o ganolfannau ledled Cymru dros y Pasg eleni. Bydd tri o gwmnïau dawns amlycaf Cymru (Bombastic, Gary & Pel a Jukebox Collective) a grwpiau dawns ieuenctid lleol yn cyflwyno awr yn llawn dop o ddawns chwim – hwyl bywiog a byrlymus ar gyfer traed o bob oed a siâp.

Bydd tri pherfformiad bob dydd yng Nghaerdydd, Caernarfon, Y Drenewydd, Y Barri, Llanelli, Aberdaugleddau ac Aberhonddu. Mae’r ŵyl yn rhad ac am ddim, yn addas i bob oed ac yn cynnwys perfformiadau gyda Sain Ddisgrifiad a theithiau cyffwrdd yn Gymraeg a Saesneg...a ‘siawns i ddawnsio’ mewn gweithdy byr ar ôl bob sioe. Cêt Haf (Nansi - o’r sioe i blant, Dilyn Fi / Follow Me) fydd yn arwain y gweithdy cyfrwng Cymraeg wedi’r ail sioe ymhob canolfan.
Manylion llawn islaw.

Dewch â’r teulu cyfan – bydd llygaid y plant yn pefrio wrth weld dawnswyr anhygoel yn troelli a chwyrlïo, yn popio a hercio! Dewch i gael eich ysbrydoli ac i drio rhai o’r symudiadau dych chi newydd ei gweld

Sefydlwyd yr ŵyl yn 2017 gan Carole Blade, Cynhyrchydd Coreo Cymru a mam i ddau o blant; y bwriad oedd creu mwy o gyfleoedd i bobl ifanc brofi gwahanol fathau o ddawns.
Meddai Carole, “Fe wnaethon ni gyflwyno’r rhaglen beilot ar y cyd gyda Chwmni Dawns Cenedlaethol Cymru. Roedd yr ymateb yn brawf pendant fod pawb, yn hen ac ifanc, yn gallu mwynhau dawns. Bu llwyddiant llynedd yn ysgogiad i ni ddatblygu rhaglen yr ŵyl, a theithio i fwy o ganolfannau i berfformio naill ai mewn cynteddau neu yn yr awyr agored. Hefyd ry’n ni wrth ein bodd yn cynnig llwyfan i grwpiau ieuenctid lleol - i berfformio ochr yn ochr â chwmniau proffesiynol.

Meddai Sean Tuan John, Cyfarwyddwr Artistig Bombastic, “Mae hwn yn ddigwyddiad cyffrous iawn. Ry’n ni wrth ein bodd i gyd-gyflwyno’r ail Ŵyl Ddawns i’r Teulu a fydd yn teithio ledled Cymru dros y Pasg eleni. Mae gyda ni raglen awr o hyd - yn llawn dop o weithiau dawns sy’n addas i’r teulu cyfan. Byddwch yn barod am amrywiaeth ardderchog o ddawns hwyliog, digri, cynhyrfus ac egniol – a chyfle i gymryd rhan hefyd. Mae’r cyfan yn rhad ac am ddim i deuluoedd - diolch i gefnogaeth ein partneriaid a’r canolfannau. Hefyd, fe gewch chi’r cyfle cyntaf i weld ein gwaith newydd sbon - “Wallflowers”.

Bydd trefnwyr yr ŵyl, sy’n cynnwys Canolfan Mileniwm Cymru, Chapter a Chanolfan Celfyddydau Memo, hefyd yn cynnal gweithdy hyfforddiant i sain ddisgrifwyr. Bydd y gweithdy yma’n rhan o seminar i rai sy’n gweithio yn y maes - yn unol â’n bwriad i geisio denu cynulleidfa mor eang â phosib i berfformiadau dawns a dileu unrhyw ffactorau sy’n rhwystro pobl rhag mynychu.

Dywedodd Dr Louise Fryer, arbenigwr ym maes Sain Ddisgrifiad a mentor rhaglen hyfforddiant yr ŵyl, “Rwy wrth fy modd bod Bombastic a Coreo Cymru yn defnyddio sain ddisgrifiad i bontio rhwng cynulleidfaoedd dall a pherfformiadau dawns yng Nghymru. Cynnig siawns i ddawnsio – i bawb: Dyna yw amcan Gŵyl Ddawns i’r Teulu. A nawr, mae hynny’n cynnwys pobl sydd â nam ar eu golwg hefyd”.

Meddai Nick Capaldi, Prif Weithredwr Cyngor Celfyddydau Cymru, "Bydd y digwyddiadau yma, yn fwrlwm o greadigrwydd, egni a hwyl, yn cynnig cyfle i bobl ifanc ledled y wlad i brofi dawns gyfoes o Gymru ar ei gorau."

Meddai Graeme Farrow, Cyfarwyddwr Artistig a Strategaeth Greadigol Canolfan Mileniwm Cymru:
"Ry'n ni'n falch iawn i groesawu'r ŵyl yn ôl i Ganolfan y Mileniwm a pharhau i gyflwyno dawns i gynulleidfaoedd newydd. Mae yna ddatblygiad cyffrous i ni gyd eleni yn sgil ehangu'r gweithgareddau i gynnwys Sain Ddisgrifiad yn Gymraeg a Saesneg."


Wallflowers gan Bombastic

Sioe newydd sbon gan Bombastic yw Wallflowers: Sean Tuan John sy’n gyfrifol am y coreograffi a’r perfformio, gyda’r dawnswyr Rosalind Haf Brooks a Cêt Haf (Nansi yn y sioe i blant, ‘Dilyn Fi’ / ‘Follow Me’). Sioe ddawns fyrlymus a digri gydag elfennau promenâd - yng nghwmni ‘pobl y blodau’, sy’n gallu tyfu’n sydyn ac egniol, o swildod petrus i rialtwch lliwgar. Maen nhw’n ‘cuddio’ o’n blaenau i ddechrau. Ond yn raddol, maen nhw’n tyfu’n agosach ac agosach nes ein tynnu ni i mewn i berfformiad sy’n blodeuo’n un ddawns fawr hapus. Mae Wallflowers yn cyfuno elfennau dawns hwyliog ac anisgwyl gyda hiwmor a digrifwch rhwng y dawnswyr a’r gynulleidfa – ar gyfer plant ac oedolion o bob oed.

CarCrash Wedding gan Gary & Pel

Dyma’r diwrnod hapusaf erioed i Gary a Pel...maen nhw newydd briodi ac yn gyrru tua’r machlud. Ond yn sydyn, mae problem. Mae’r car yn torri i lawr – yn bell o bobman. Beth yn y byd bydd y pâr priod rhyfedd a rhyfeddol yma’n gwneud nesa? Sioe’n llawn clychau priodas, anrhefn llwyr a chwerthin. Dyma 10 munud o antur a direidi – fel cartŵn byw, gyda hiwmor slapstic a dawnsio cyffrous y bydd pawb, o bob oed yn ei fwynhau.

“Perfformiad gwych. Mor glyfar ac mor ddoniol. Ro’n ni’n chwerthin o’r dechre i’r diwedd”
- Carcrash Wedding (Swansea Dance Days)

Drifter a Toy Soldier gan Jukebox Collective

Hip Hop o’r radd flaenaf sydd gan Jukebox Collective. Darn smala a hudolus yw’r cyntaf – Drifter gan Kate Morris (rownd derfynol cystadleuaeth Dawnsiwr Ifanc y BBC). Yna, deuawd direidus a grewyd yn arbennig ar gyfer ymweliad y Tywysog Harry a Meghan Markle â Chymru. Byddwch chi’n bownsio.


Cwmni dawns, theatr a chyfryngau digidol ar gyfer pobl ifanc yw Bombastic.
Yng nghartref y cwmni yn Ne Cymru, maen nhw’n creu bydoedd beiddgar a chyffrous yn llawn dychymyg, hwyl a ffantasi i blant rhwng 4 ac 11 oed – gan gyfuno elfennau o hud a lledrith gyda sefyllfaoedd cymdeithasol cyfoes.

Cwmni o Dde Cymru yw Gary & Pel – wedi’i seilio ar gysyniad gan Alex Marshall Parsons. Maen nhw’n arbenigo ar greu cartŵns byw sy’n cyfuno dawns, comedi corfforol slapstic a sgarmesu fel Tom & Jerry. Maent wedi derbyn comisiynnau gan Coreo Cymru, Dance Shorts, Cyngor Celfyddydau Cymru ac yn fwyaf diweddar gan Amaeth Cymru – a arweiniodd at greu CarCrash Wedding.

Mae Jukebox Collective yn un o gwmnïau mwyaf blaengar y DU ym myd dysgu a pherfformio dawns stryd. Mae Academi Celfyddydau Perfformio’r cwmni yn meithrin talent ifanc a hefyd yn gweithio fel asiantaeth - gan gydweithio gyda brandiau blaenllaw fel Virgin Media, Topshop a Levi’s. Mae gan Liara Barussi, cyfarwyddwr creadigol y cwmni, dros 20 mlynedd o brofiad ym maes dawns, coreograffi a mentora dawnswyr, gan gynnwys cyfres Dawnsiwr Ifanc y BBC.

Ymhob canolfan, bydd grwpiau dawns lleol yn cyfrannu perfformiadau arbennig i bob sioe – gydag amrywiaeth o arddulliau dawns a chyfle gwych i weld talentau ifanc yn disgleirio.


Dyma ddetholiad o sylwadau gan gynulleidfaoedd Gŵyl Ddawns i’r Teulu 2017 a gynhaliwyd gan Coreo Cymru mewn partneriaeth gyda Chwmni Dawns Cenedlaethol Cymru:

“Perfformiadau hudolus a bendigedig gan ddawnswyr a pherfformwyr talentog iawn. Digwyddiad bendigedig y gwnaeth ein teulu cyfan ei fwynhau’n fawr. Diolch yn fawr iawn! “

“Hyfryd, doniol, treiddgar”

“Y tu hwnt i bob disgwyl, uchafbwynt gwyliau’r Pasg!”

“Wrth ein bodd gyda’r gweithdy byr ar y diwedd a’r gymysgedd o arddulliau a golygfeydd.”

“Sioe ffantastig – roedd yn gyffrous cael dangos rhywbeth i’r plant nad ydyn nhw’n gweld fel arfer! Diolch!”


CHAPTER, Caerdydd
Sad 24 Sul 25 Mawrth am 12:00 | 14:00 | 16:00
Sain Ddisgrifiad - Sul 25 yn unig am 14:00 (Cymraeg) ac 16:00 (Saesneg) gyda theithiau cyffwrdd chwarter awr cyn dechrau’r sioe.

GALERI, Caernarfon
Maw 27 Mawrth am 12:00 | 14:00 | 16:00
Sain Ddisgrifiad am 14:00 (Cymraeg) a 16:00 (Saesneg) gyda theithiau cyffwrdd chwarter awr cyn dechrau’r sioe.

HAFREN, Y Drenewydd
Mer 28 ac Iau 29 Maw am 12:00 | 14:00 | 16:00
Sain Ddisgrifiad - Mer 28 yn unig am 14:00 (Cymraeg) a 16:00 (Saesneg) gyda theithiau cyffwrdd chwarter awr cyn dechrau’r sioe.

Canolfan y Celfyddydau MEMO, Y Barri
Mer 4 Ebrill am 12:00 | 14:00 | 16:00
Sain Ddisgrifiad am 14:00 (Cymraeg) a 16:00 (Saesneg) gyda theithiau cyffwrdd chwarter awr cyn dechrau’r sioe.

FFWRNES, Llanelli
Iau 5 Ebrill am 12:00 | 14:00 | 16:00
Sain Ddisgrifiad am 14:00 (Cymraeg) a 16:00 (Saesneg) gyda theithiau cyffwrdd chwarter awr cyn dechrau’r sioe.

THEATR Y TORCH, Aberdaugleddau
Gwe 6 Ebrill am 12:00 | 14:00 | 16:00
Sain Ddisgrifiad am 14:00 (Cymraeg) a 16:00 (Saesneg) gyda theithiau cyffwrdd chwarter awr cyn dechrau’r sioe.

Sad 7 a Sul 8 Ebrill am 12:00 | 14:00 | 16:00
Sain Ddisgrifiad - Sad 7 yn unig am 14:00 (Cymraeg) a 16:00 (Saesneg) gyda theithiau cyffwrdd chwarter awr cyn dechrau’r sioe.

Mer 11 a Gwe 13 Ebrill am 10:30 | 12:30 | 14:30
Iau 12 a Sad 14 Ebrill am 10:30 | 12:30 | 16:00
Sain Ddisgrifiad – Sad 14 yn unig am 12:30 (Cymraeg) a 16:00 (Saesneg) gyda theithiau cyffwrdd chwarter awr cyn dechrau’r sioe.
Family Dance Festival  
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