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Aberystwyth Arts Centre Qur Cymru, Welsh Gold: Made in Wales 7.45pm, Wednesday 3 October     

Aberystwyth Arts Centre  
Qur Cymru, Welsh Gold: Made in Wales
7.45pm, Wednesday 3 October

In 2015 a group of Welsh actors and musicians, comprised of Glenda Clwyd, Phylip Harries, Lowri-Ann Richards and Sean Williams, met to share their passion for the words and music of Wales. The group lamented the fact that poetry, particularly Welsh poetry was too often considered the domain of small bands of romantics and that consequently, only a fraction of it was regularly read or reached mainstream arts audiences.

Believing that over the years Wales has produced some of the world’s greatest poets, the group felt that poetry’s power to excite, inspire and provoke had frequently been ignored, often as a result of examination syllabuses that seemed to reduce it to little more than collections of words, classical references and analysis. The group believed that in the right theatrical setting, poetry could reclaim its place at the heart of the performing arts, offering a vibrant, often boisterous, frequently humorous comment on the ups and downs, joys and sorrows of everyday life. And so was born Aur Cymru, Welsh Gold.

Aur Cymru, Welsh Gold is a performance group working in words and music. It doesn’t simply read poetry (although it does that too) but rather it stages it with lighting, music, percussion, soundscapes and projections. Its current production, Made in Wales, Aberystwyth Arts Centre, Wednesday 3rd October, is performed in Welsh and English and presents a reverent, nostalgic, bawdy and biting celebration of Wales and Welshness from the sixth century to the present day. Joined now by actor/musician Llinos Daniel, the show features the work of some of Wales’ finest and best-known writers and musicians and takes one to a land of beauty and passion, of lament and rapture, of anger and pain, of yesterday and tomorrow. A Wales of words and music.

Catrin Finch: “Aur Cymru, Welsh Gold is a meeting of so many arts forms. You’ve got music including sound design, poetry, theatre and all these things join together to make a wonderful experience. It’s powerful and tells a story, one I won’t forget in a long time.”

Claire E Potter: “Each of the artists is highly talented within his discipline; together they are dynamite. The rapport between them is palpable and the performance is seamless. World class.”

Audience member, Theatr Clwyd, Mold: “It really IS pure gold – it’s warm and wonderful and mellow and beautiful, an evening of sheer delight.”

Audience member, Acapela Studio, Cardiff: “I didn’t want to come here tonight, she made me, but that was f****** great!”

Tickets are available from the Arts Centre Box Office on 01970 62 32 32 or online at

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